Sinister Strike looks terrible

Nothing about the animation speaks sinister. It would be better if it was just the default racial animation that abilities in Classic use. I also hate the way the animation feels and sounds. Very unsatisfying.

And why is it yellow? The icon is PURPLE. Historically the ability has always had a purple shading to it when used.

I’m saying all of this because I’m strongly considering being Rogue in Dragonflight but… holy cow Outlaw feels unplayable (the pistol animations are also bad).

Edit: Dispatch also feels terrible. For a finishing move the default Eviscerate in previous versions of WoW felt way better to use.

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This is great starting text for Outlaw Roast Night :smiley:

Yeah, in this case I’m thinking the same way you are. This kind of details influence the class/spec identity as a whole, and are something that drive me to play (or don’t) a spec / class.

Devs don’t have a time to finish “unoutlaw” process after they openly admit before Shadowlands people didn’t quite liked that kind strong pirate vibe. They changed Saber Slash back to Sinister Strike, but the saber attack sound and color remained unchanged, which is incosistent.

Another example, I really don’t understand the idea behind Dispatch. It’s a finisher that deals more dmg with more combo points generated before its use. It’s literally Eviscerate.
I would be less suprised with devs decision to change Eviscerate in Sub spec into another shadowy themed ability, because here we deal also bonus shadow dmg (plus we all know how devs love to tell us how shadowy shaded our shadow Subtlety shadow rogue is :face_in_clouds:, and how Sub had nothing to do with bleeds at all, never, never-ever-it’s-a-lie). In Sub spec that change was insufficent to change Eviscerate to something new, but in Outlaw case, where nothing’s change, it was xD
So I think the only idea with Dispatch was create Eviscerate with unique icon and sound for Outlaw, our new Pirrrrrate.

Back at the and to Sinister Strike again. Back in days in Combat hands the ability was made to hit very hard. Back then you knew Sin was sinking strong poison dmg trough the plate, Subtlety had longer/faster/stronger finishers than the other specs, and Outlaw hit slower, but harder than his spec brothers, also thx to his stronger Sinister Strikes.

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Yall RP too much.

Bring back Saber Slash. I dont have problema with this, i liked

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The thing is, I don’t even mind that Outlaw is supposedly themed pirate/bandit or whatever… the problem is that the current animations don’t do anything to convey that at all to me. Just having a poorly animated pistol is not enough.

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This version of Sinister Strike is actually just a renamed Saber Slash. The OG Sinister Strike was deleted forever.

That said, SS in classic doesn’t have an animation. It’s just an auto attack.


ok? lets bring back saber slash.

These kind of takes is about as useful as people complaining about ambush being changed to shadowstrike when its literally the same ability.

also the classic animation of sin strike is much worse than what it is now. If you wanna be an andy and say classic is better, just say it instead of beating around the bush

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We can also simply create a /cast macro for Sin strike with the Saber Slash icon and that’s it