Sinful Brand not extending for DH

Just logged in today to find out that casting eye beam no longer extends the duration of my sinful brand.

Yes, I have the Unity belt equipped which is supposed to do that.

No, that belt isn’t greyed out and states in green that it’ll extend the duration of sinful brand.

What’s goin on?

Tested on my DH and it worked as usual. Not sure what’s happening to yours.

this has happened to me before, just have to unequip and re-equip outside the dungeon and go again. Happens to my enhance shammy friend too. now we always unequip and put back on before the dungeon starts

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I had the same issue in Workshop last night. Unity was on Head Slot, collective Anguish on Cloak.

When I got out of the dungeon the issue still persisted until I took of the Unity Helm and put it back on again.