Since WoW is trash

i am looking to get into another tab target mmorpg.

i’ve narrowed it down to Lord of the Rings Online (Steam) vs Star Wars: The Old Republic (Origin)

Your thoughts?

By Felicia?

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i have no clue what that means.

If u like story, SWTOR is very very good especially the 8 original class stories.
The jedi and sith stories and imperial agent are top notch.
Voice acting is superb!

Dont know what u mean by tab targeting

swtor is also free to play

SWTOR is basically Star Wars WoW.

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Lord of the Rings Online

Late, but FFXIV. First 50 levels are hard to eat, but after that its kinda great.
FFXIV is trash tier for open world content, but the storytelling and fights are amazing. They know that’s their strength and they play to it very hard. Lots of fun bossfights in FFXIV.

I’d wait on FFXIV until they update the 1-50 content, which they are actively working on right now, so possibly until the next major patch or later. The open world content is pretty good if you do hunt trains, or hunts in general, its not any worse than other games. Graveyard zergging bosses in GW2 is definitely the most miserable world content experience I’ve ever had.

Been a while since I played either. As has been said, SWTOR’s main strength is (or was) the class stories.

LotRO, on the otherhand, used to be great for RP - not sure whether the population is enough to support it now, though. Also, the graphics were old when it was new, and the updates I last saw were a bit hit-or-miss. In any case, it’s worth a look-see if you’re a Tolkien fan, of course.

Just wait for a pokemon mmo


Not as good as it was supposed to be.

Raid Shadowlegands is SUPER fun. Too bad it is mobile only. I hope it does to PC.

Jennifer Hale is the FemTrooper.

Also known as FemShep.

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TemTem exists.

Shadowlegends is on the PC.

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I’m aware this is an old post, but it got bumped so whatever.

When someone asks for a “Tab Target” MMO / Combat, they just mean traditional MMORPG combat. As in, you target your enemy (be it via Tab or clicking a nameplate or whatever), and your abilities hit that target automatically, no aiming/real time dodging involved.

As opposed to “Action Combat”, where you rarely need to target anything directly, and instead just use your abilities and they hit an area in front of you (in varying shapes and sizes). Tends to require a little bit of aim and rely a lot on dodging in combat instead of being assumed to eat the damage and then heal it up or whatever.

WoW and FFXIV are “Tab Target” MMORPGs.

GW2, ESO, Wildstar (before it died), BDO, and so on are “Action Combat” MMORPGs.

Action Combat is definitely the go-to on the rare occasion a dev studio actually takes the risk to make an MMORPG these days, but ESO is probably the only one that’s worth talking about in terms of competing with WoW / FFXIV.

i somewhat enjoyed lord of the rings, but these days if i take a wow break i go to neverwinter. half the time on the xbox half the time on pc…just depends on where i feel like sitting that day.

i tried old republic, im not sure if it was just the wrong time or the community or what but i hated it

any new mmo’s coming out looking somewhat decent…or unique
i really enjoyed aion

WoW isn’t trash. It’s probably the most comprehensive MMO in existence, and offers the most overall content.

I am playing it very very casually right now while I am playing FFXIV primarily.

14 is a great game but in terms of repeatable content, WoW still ticks those boxes. With the tower of torgast coming, in addition to mythic plus, i see it continuing that route.

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SWTOR has fun solo content, but there are only a few servers.

Cool The game s super fun


But if it’s between those two, SWTOR.