Simplicite BoD/CoS sales, Jaina mount, M+ sales, 9/9M!

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Simplicite (A) Korgath
9/9M 10/10M 118 US, 388 World!
11/11M 104 US, 322 World!
For Uldir we are 8/8H, 8/8M 74th US, 63rd alli world, 11th alli US. Currently 9/9M BoD, US93rd.

What we sell:
1. Mythic + keys
2. BoD/CoS Heroic clears
3. AoTC for Uldir
4. Eventual Mythic Uldir kills

All info for what our sales include can be found below! All of our sales are guild ran, no pugs or any funny business like that.

Mythic plus prices are determined on how high of a key you want, for the most part we sell +10s (but can sell lower at lower prices). This is currently the best way to gear your character. The completion of a +10 guarantees you a 410 piece in your weekly cache at reset. Please add the btag below to for pricing and to set up your run.

BoD/CoS clears are on Thursday evenings. We try not to take more than 1 buyer of each gear type per sale run. Prices are always changing. Please add my btag below to check for pricing and availability.

AoTC carries are now available. This is a guaranteed H Jajna kill, with the AOTC achievement. This is your best way to be a sure invite to any pug you que for, for the rest of the tier.

For prices along with other conditions/questions, please add me!

Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping gear you!

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Last week for chosen!

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Chosen spot available tonight!

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Ooooooo we updated for BFA :)

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We are ready to provide services to everyone once again:)

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Looking to get a +10 done this weekend for that sweet 385 piece in your cache Tuesday? Hit me up!


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Last chance to get a +10 done this week for your 380 piece!

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If ya need a +10 done for your cache tomorrow, hit me up!

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Looking for people for a heroic clear/AOTC sale Thursday!

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Update your info

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10/31/2018 07:11 PMPosted by Dreadfury
Update your info

Ty sir, updated with my new fresh btag :D

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Come get a 10 key done tonight for some fat cache loot tomorrow!

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Updated for H BoD sales! Available now!

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Lookin to sell our services

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Heroic run tonight!

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Helllo come get some gear!


Jaina mount now available for the right price! GOLD ONLY!