<Simple Design> Horde LFM Mythics, Raiding

Simple Design was founded 12 years ago… and we’re back!

We’re having a lot of fun in Shadowlands and we’re glad to have recruited brand new members but we need more to do the things we want to get done.

Currently, we’re spending most of our guild nights (Tues/Thurs/Sun 6:00P ST) in mythics filling out gear for new members but the real goal is to have mythic gearing for new members and main group raiding 10m on same nights.

We have members who have been raiding since Molten Core and still love the game.

We stay efficient and do well but maintain a laid-back, friendly, fun vibe.

We will welcome all classes, roles, & levels but are seeking another healer and some DPS close to ready for raid.

Reply here or message me in-game to discuss!

Still at it! Join us.

We’re 9/10 H now and will be entering Mythic CN soon. Find us in game.

Join up while the joinins good

Good idea.

215 ilvl 1050ish IO holy priest here with 10/10 heroic nathria, I’d be interested in chatting in game.

Hey Tiny, thanks for joining. :grin:

For everyone else: We’re working to fill our Mythic roster and just now starting on Shriek. If you’ve been interested to get started in Mythic raiding but haven’t had the opportunity yet–message us in game to talk more about it.

We have time before 9.1. Come join us & let’s spend it honing skill in mythic Nathria so we’re ready to enter the new raid with momentum.

Good morning,
If you guys are still recruiting, I have some questions about prog and joining your guild. My bnet: Guams#1141 or my discord: Guams#9219

We’re still here! 10/10 H Nathria and planning to start 9.1 raid on its 1st week out. We can make room for more range dps, healers, and/or a tank.

Message here or in game to discuss joining.