Silver Hand: Vanilla Interesting Facts (PVP)

In continuation to my “Vanilla/BC Interesting Facts” post, I also found all these player/guild PVP facts just as interesting! Also found on wowwiki fandom:

To this day the Southshore and Tarren Mill wars are still spoken of. Silver Hand, while a RP server, was an excellent source of World PvP at its peak. Many roleplayers enjoy the war aspect of Warcraft, and chose to keep themselves permaflagged for PvP with the use of addons.

When Battlegrounds were released the players of Silver Hand flocked to clash in Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley, and later Arathi Basin. Silver Hand produced numerous Rank 14 PvPers, and skilled PvP teams.

Numerous World RP-PvP events were organized by Horde and Alliance guilds. Alongside typical world PvP city raids, and outright battles, scenarios and games such as the capturing and freeing of specific key players were created by the ingenious players of Silver Hand.

As PvP in World of Warcraft has evolved, so have Silver Hand’s PvPers. The battles of Tarren Mill and Southshore have long since died down, but the players of Silver Hand still know how to enjoy PvP both in and out of Battlegrounds. Though not as constant, Silver Hand is still the site of exciting World PVP. Whether it be brave Horde attempting to take Halaa, or some determined Alliance planning an attack on Thrall, Silver Hand knows how to roleplay war.

PvP Teams:


Pally Pot - Infamous/famous team which was comprised of many well known PVPers, this group produced many Grand Marshals. Including Grand Marshal Nightfallen, Grand Marshal Tesseus, Grand Marshal Kyre, Field Marshal Kricket. This team was known throughout the server eventually as Pally Pot because of several Paladins being core members of their team and the use of potions in battlegrounds (Oil of Immolation, Free Action Potions and Swiftness Potions).

Team Marshal/Marshal Team - Alliance Team which possibly evolved and transitioned from Pally Pot as Grand Marshal Nightfallen continued to PvP often and organize teams after reaching Grand Marshal. The team’s leadership later transitioned to Grand Marshal Lannister, Grand Marshal Dargone, and Grand Marshal Nashirida who came to have their team become called Team Marshal for the fact that all 10 players on their Warsong Team were often of Marshal rank or higher. The ingame Alliance scoreboard displaying all Marshal or higher Helmet Insignias was a unique and intimidating sight.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny - Alliance Guild and PvP team created by Field Marshal Jedion. Jedion created the team not for the sole reason to grind rank ( he had already long since done his personal rank grind to Field Marshal), but to be a PvP team force to be reckoned with. At the release of cross-realm Battlegrounds Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny decimated numerous “leet-dude” PvP server teams in their bright pink tabbards and Rabbit Pets hippity hoppitying behind them in unison.

Leadership of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny team later passed to Grand Marshal Blinkin who was arguably more instrumental in the creation of FWB’s numerous Rank 14 players as he led for considerable time both before and after his personal Grand Marshal completion.


the Mulisha - Horde guild unleashing havoc on wpvp, rbg, and arena.

Stormfist - Horde guild which created the server’s first PvP team, devastating the Alliance in Warsong Gulch for a considerable amount of time until the Alliance produced a team of its own. The Troll Warrior Cortico was the first leader and centerpiece of the team. The original Stormfist team’s PvP skill was undeniable in its technique; incredible assisting, skilled movements, and agile flag running. The challenges the Stormfist team gave to the first Alliance teams was never matched by any other PvP server Horde teams the Alliance later faced.

TKAPITTL - Team Kick A** Push It To The Limit: Horde Team led by High Warlord Kathynta and High Warlord Valizaar.

PvP Team Leaders:


Decorpse (the Mulisha) Cortico (Stormfist), Vyctoria (Stormfist), Kathynta (TKAPITTL), Valizaar (TKAPITTL), Maioren (TKAPITTL)


Ariana - (Silence), Jedion - (Silence, Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny), Blinkin - (Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny), Kyre - (“Pally Pot”, The Knights of the Flag, Spoils of War.) Kricket - (“Pally Pot”, Spoils of War), Nightfallen - (“Pally Pot”, Spoils of War), Lannister (Team Marshal), Nashirida (Team Marshal).

Alliance Grand Marshals:

Sayuke (Night Elf Hunter of “Immortality”) was the first Grand Marshal
Ariana (Human Mage of “Silence”)
Gorgorath (Night Elf Rogue of “Silence”)
Hide (Gnome Rogue)
Tesseus (Human Paladin)
Nightfallen (Human Paladin)
Ebinki (Night Elf Hunter)
Whitetara (Night Elf Hunter)
Dargone (Human Rogue)
Lannister (Human Warrior)
Wubbette (Gnome Rogue of “Crimson Raiders”)
Nashirida (Gnome Mage)
Ryusuke (Dwarf Warrior)
Necator (Night Elf Warrior)
Ishank (Human Warlock)
Daleckh (Human Paladin)
Aileyna (Night Elf Warrior)
Naelidaan (Human Paladin)
Nappa (Gnome Rogue)
Odina (Human Paladin)
Blinkin (Gnome Mage)
Lamoot (Night Elf Warrior)
Kyre (Human Paladin)

Horde High Warlords:

Cortico (Troll Warrior of “Stormfist”) was the first High Warlord
Zagroth (Undead Mage, Unguilded)
Vyctoria (Undead Rogue of “Stormfist”)
Rainmaker (Tauren Shaman of “Stormfist”)
Kathynta (Tauren Warrior of “Vigilant”)
Valizaar (Troll Shaman of “Vigilant”)
Zulkazeem (Troll Shaman of “Stormfist”)
Slither (Undead Rogue of “Rival”)
Otheuym (Orc Warrior of “Pact of War”)
Ssiard (Undead Warlock of “Pact of War”)
Maioren (Troll Priest, formerly of “Wartorn”)
Kontested (Orc Hunter, formerly of “Hax”)
Matamuram (Tauren Warrior, formerly of “Rival”)
Dough (Troll Rogue, formerly of “Rival”)
Grimtock (Undead Warlock, formerly of “Wartorn”)
Sythopx (Undead Warrior of “Rival”)
Zayuke (Undead Mage, formerly of “Wartorn”)
Hazardus (Undead Warrior)
Arcinon (Undead Mage of Team Evil)

Hey there… Sagarlak/Sagarlock here… Just skimming through the forums, trying to see if any of the original SilverHand Vanilla players are around, or are going to be coming back for the Classic. I still muck around on various alts, but I am mostly waiting for classic. Hoping to rekindle some old friendships. Do you know of any old Alli or Horde that are around? Or planning a return?

Posting on this toon even though it’s just a baby. Some old-timers are still around, though I spent most of my play time over on the Scryers after my original guild transferred over there. Had some good times doing organized Battlegrounds with the Warlord teams back when things were very different, PvP wise. Currently leveling a warlock who’s I guess too small to post on the forums.

I recognize this name! I think a lot of both factions went to Scryers. I was a die-hard and stayed here, like a fool. Eventually left with my horde toon, for Twisting Nether, which also died. Quit the game for awhile, then came back and transfered my Alli to Emerald Dream, and now wish I had left him here also. I was actually cancelling again, until I heard the classic release.

Look how old you’ve become.

Shush, you.

Mulisha members are playing classic on Stalagg - horde

Somewhat necro-post, but I’m making it anyways.

Winds of Fire used to run a pvp team led by Suhku (Troll Warrior) which used to run with Zagroth, Maioren, and several other solid players. (Raejor, Horban, Suffer, Torgrog) Winds eventually broke up after in-fighting over raiding and some other crap.

Vyctoria was also the 2nd High Warlord IIRC, Zagroth was 3rd as I recall.

There was also a Grand Marshall by the name of Xodus (Night Elf Warrior) who was actually played 24/7 by several Chinese gold farmers. He was hilariously bad, yet made GM cause the system was broken.

Good memories fighting both as an Alliance Warlock and later as a Blood Elf Paladin on both sides. I hope the people of Stormfist are doing well where-ever they are. They were and remain the best guild I have ever been a part of. ^^