Silky smooth streams, unreal

I’ve seen streams that are so smooth, they look smoother than real life. Occasionally I will open a youtube video and see the same thing. How are people achieving this? How come some videos are so smooth that it almost looks sped up.

I’m getting ready to build a computer and I don’t want to mess it up. I remember seeing streams in cata like this too. They are hard to find but they exist.

Is this just 120hz gsync or 60hz sync with a computer fully maxed out?

edit: I think what I am looking for is Motion Interpolation, but how are some streamers achieving this and others not?

Can’t say for sure but most of the ultrasmooth streams I’ve seen are just a solid 60FPS, as far as I can tell. Even in my own recorded gameplay, for some reason 60FPS on video looks noticeably smoother than 60FPS in-game.

I’m not sure what causes this. My best guesses are either:

  • When gameplay is recorded/streamed, there’s some kind of subtle frame retiming that makes it look better
  • There’s some kind of quirk in H.264/H.265 encoding that causes a slight “psuedo interpolation” effect that doesn’t create new in-between frames, but instead kind of “smears” motion within existing frames

The streamers with silky smooth gameplay footage have several things going for them:

  1. They have access to faster upload speeds to their streaming platform than others and their internet connection supports this
  2. They have transcoding because they’re partners
  3. They have a separate encoding rig that’s more beastly than their gaming machine OR they have a 2080ti and are using NVENC with high upload speeds

They’re keeping a consistent 60 FPS while not dropping any frames, whether it be due to encoding lag, game lag or upload lag.

Not a streamer and I’m using duo 1080 Ti in SLI, with a 165hz g-sync monitor the game at max settings (except shadow and water details are low-med) can hit 200 FPS (where I have it capped), without the cap I’ve seen it go 240 FPS in dungeons and raids which makes things look way too silly in motion.