Silent. Where are you? *UPDATE*

Unfortunately being a CM involves just that. Dealing with the community. And the community like I just said is getting worse and worse. Thing is if you are frustrated with the current problems of the game, who are you supposed to vent to?

The empty void that is these forums, and the CMs that are unlucky enough to come here.

No, it is not the job of a CM to take forum abuse. The reward for a community getting worse and worse is CMs posting only the bare minimum.

We earned it.

Yes, it kind of is lol. If you are a “communtiy manager” you take the good with the bad. Including the toxic. Now you can moderate and ban some people but you are always going to take what you are calling “abuse”. You know because the typing of random avatars is considered abuse lol.

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People really think that its the job of these people to take the toxic filth of the community…and then honestly wonder why they don’t come here more often?

No, it is their job to communicate changes to the game. Anything more than that is above-and-beyond. If there is no changes coming to this game, then they wont be posting anything anymore.

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Fair point, but the CMs are also the middle man between the Dev. team and us. If the Us part is noticing problems they communicate it to the CMs. I agree that the forums are a toxic pit nowadays, and yes that is probably the reason they don’t communicate much.

I’m just saying that is literally the only point of communication the playerbase has. So of course its going to receive the majority of the toxic peoples ire as well.

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No, it’s not.

Players like yourself who seek instant gratification are not aware of a simple fact. That’s not how it works. It’s never worked like that. Blizzard has never been quiet. Plain and simple. You seek instant gratification.

As I said. Blizzard is not silent and you should feel ashamed of yourself for suggesting that other players engage in using automated programs to cheat, exploit, etc. Use of such programs is forbidden and you will get punished for use of such program.

I know first hand that what you say is 100% false. I was once like you. Foolish to believe the same lies. I was dealt punishment for breaking the rules during WoD. I did this for a period of time until the mighty ban hammer swiftly dealt justice. Just know that what you say and what you believe is one big false hood.

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The longer this goes on, the more damage the BrD pickpocket bots do to the economy. You can’t just ignore raw gold like this.

Proof that Blizzard bans a bot every six months or so.

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Fear or Mind Control the level 1 character that’s used to pool boost. It’ll run every few seconds into the same direction for hours. It’s not manually done. There’s an entire discord full of dweebs that link to social medias / videos / forum posts to get brigaded with “Spin the narrative it isn’t a bot.”

It doesn’t benefit everyone. It waters down the r14 achievement. Dadgamer normies with children and jobs aren’t meant to get to rank 14. That’s for us no life, no job, no family types.

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It trickles down to extend every bracket. It benefits literally everyone that PVP’s that week. Padding hours aren’t designated all day. Most would be an hour or two at most, it’s not all automated by bots. It’s easily organised without that sort of assistance.

If you suspect botting, report away but don’t push propaganda that padding is interwoven with botting.

Even if it’s not botting. Padding is a clever use of game mechanics to abuse a 15 yr old system. I mean it is what it is, but it’s for sure shady at best, and an exploit at worst.

As far as it benefitting everyone. I mean the really cheap righteous orbs from botting benefits everyone too amirite? Also when botting gets bad the price of gold for IRL money also goes down. Clearly a benefit for all involved! Huzzah!
Your logic defending the abuse of old game systems is garbage.


There are also bots for this too. It happens even if not always.

This is one of the cringiest most bootlicking posts I’ve ever read. Disgusting.

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Padding just simply opens more bracket slots for those of you with no life, no jobs, no family types.
Yet somehow you can’t overgrind other types to dethrone them.

See? The mafia bracket stackers always come out and say the same dribble but video proof on my channel of them botting and then using IRL dox’ing and other tools to get their crap done. You can lie all you want but Blizz already banned the lot of ya and is doing more pool boosting ban waves in the coming month after you all re-sub lmao.

Hey Benji, could you acknowledge my previous post

I’m remiss to believe that these tools are accessible in-game without at least one person having used them to grief a major city, which would have been clearly documented.

blizzard just locked my OP so that I cannot edit. very suspicious. apparently you cant share videos that feature other characters names in it. interesting. I wonder why there are tons of videos like that all over the forums. I’ll make a new thread and post a new video of people hacking, without showing peoples name in it. but i will include the server log in. stay tuned.


Well they’re in-house Onslaught exclusive and not available to the public.

just got in as a “trial” and they want me to server xfer. add me on discord benji. gotta frame them good


Your video goes to lengths to demonstrate how easy it is, though. And I’m sure one guild does not own a monopoly on all hacks.

Case in point:

I’ve never known an online game with such egregiously game breaking hacks where they haven’t been used to grief the community. Your video is very suspect to me on those grounds alone.

Why not make a point to Blizzard by going and testing these hacks in a major city yourself? It’d be sure to make some waves.

If you don’t believe how deep this rabbit hole goes then roll a character on Skeram, mess with the bracket stacking bots, and they’ll have your full dox and swat your family within hours. It’s no joke to these guys.