Silent Altoholic [A] is open!

(Mceuan) #1

Since we have our roots as a social guild, our core values revolve around treating each other with respect, offering opportunities to grow and try new things, and just doing stuff together.

We are fielding two teams for BfD:

Team StandInIt is AOTC focused, and possibly will run soft Mythic if we get the right crew. Wed/Fri, 8:30-10:30 pm server. While we have a team, we have room for more. We could use a tank, healer (monk or holy priest preferred), and DPS (ranged preferred).

Team Dragon is new, and focused on a casual clear of Normal. Thursdays, 8:30-10:30pm. Needs are for DPS with tank OS and healers.

Since we’ve been around since 2011 with stable leadership, we’ve got all the goodies of an established guild.



I’d be interested in joining your guild and helping out if possible. My guild has fallen off and no is on anymore.



(Mceuan) #5


We are in urgent need of a tank. We always have room for more DPS, but we recently lost a tank to Real Life. We are currently 2/9H.