Siege of Orgrimmar He Softfoot


cant get past fallen protectors on mythic siege of orgrimmar immediately the two bosses disappear and he softfoot just continually casts bond of golden lotus even if u kill all at same time or him first, tried everything. please fix this BLIZZ :smiley: PLEASE


reported on Tuesday, nothing has been fixed yet tho.


Tested on Sunday october 26th

He’s still there and kicking.


Same issue here today :upside_down_face:


Just tried again. Still bugged. It’s exactly the same as everyone else has posted. The fight is impossible. I’ve followed all the suggestions above and it just doesn’t work. I’ve submitted oh idk 25 bug tickets but as usu. blizzard appears to be refusing to correct the problem that they created. Sure would be nice if the game I’m paying for would actually work.


His bug is still here on 5/28/19 at 7:30 pm…argh


Still glitched today


I ran into this same problem today, 30 May 2019.