Siege Engine Bug

The Siege Engine bug still exists in IOC and Wintergrasp.

For those who don’t know, the “turret” of both siege engines does not do ANY siege damage to the walls in IOC, or the final wall in Wintergrasp.

Blizz needs to fix this.

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try aiming for the halfway point on the wall, where it would break usually

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Yea they shouldn’t damage players at all and only walls. Then these 2 BGs might be playable. At no point should tiny Sieges do more damage against players then other players. We can kill Old Gods but heaven forbid a cannon shoots us. It’s just stupid.

PS - Bring back blacklisting so we can blacklist Siege maps like we did with Strands.

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That’s not a bug.
They’re supposed to damage players. The issue is that they’re partially NOT damaging walls.

Yea getting crit 60k from a 3 sec CD massive AoE isn’t fun

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You missed the point. These BGs are unplayable because they do 90% too much damage to players. Getting hit for 120k+ by a Siege is stupid. They aren’t supposed to do massive damage to players, they are for walls not killing players. So these BGs can just be removed like Strands because there isn’t ANY PvP in them.

Siege BGs have no place in this game especially as they are so can we Blacklist them again please or thanks or just remove them if they can’t fix broken Siege dmg to players.

I’ve seen 130k it’s just stupid. Why even bother. Just get rid of them already or expect longer Ques from AFKs/Deserters. Siege BGs have no point and hardly any PvP in them.

Wish Epic BGs were Epic. Ashran and AV are okay since there is good PvP in there but they could still use some tweaks too.

No, you missed the point.

The siege engine is actually BUGGED in the fact that it doesn’t do damage to certain walls.

I don’t really care about your opinion on siege PVP, I’m reporting an actual bug.

I didn’t miss the point. Sieges been bugged ruining PvP the entire expansion. Remove them please and thanks. Saves so many Deserters when these BGs pop and we end up on these sad broken maps.

And I’m reporting the Bug of them one shotting players removing the PvP from the BG and asking for Blacklisting so we don’t get these maps when we don’t want to be in there.

That’s not a bug.
The siege in IOC is SUPPOSED to do a lot of damage to players.
It’s a support vehicle.

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Right, but this cannon is being manned by those very people that kill Old Gods, etc; hence, they are powerful.

I agree, Blizzard should the bug that allows siege engines to attack players.