Shout out to Character Artist Ariel Fain

Fain worked on one of the great highlights of Eternity’s End, the introduction of the Incubus Warlock demon.


I had the privilege to make the Succubus counter part the Incubus! I had a lot of fun coming up with this design and trying to match the vibe of the Succubus. It’s been a blast to see the response from the players, I really up yall enjoy! :3

More love for artist as they are the ones who build the world. Even if you dislike the story you can enjoy your environment and be immersed in a world that they create.

Ariel gave players an option that many asked for and delivered with a character that di not skimp on the same sizzle that Succubus gave.

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I like it, they did a good job :yum:

I’d argue that the incubus is actually more sexual than the succubus is

it’s a good model for sure.

Idk she looks very sexualized enough to me.

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Were is the thicc option for each one? If we are trying to have more inclusion than we should get some chunky choices. Like a Imp Mother model.

I saw their art. I wish we got to see more of their concept art.

I just like seeing the behind the scenes process. The fact the Incubus has an entire bakery back there is a bonus lol

All the Art needs more representation it really saved some of areas in the game. Agian it nice to have beautiful surroundings to help forget the fact you’re stuck with bad writing.

The succubus is just expressing herself, the male is being sexualized :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I just want to see how the artists draw trolls. I can never get the tusks to look okay when I tried to draw male darkspear.

Teach me your secrets Blizz.