Should we have the classic wow armory?

(Jerauld) #1

I know, it lagged like crazy back then… but maybe it’ll be okay now? If you don’t remember it, you used to be able to rotate your character and change their poses by playing emote animations then pausing them in place for everyone to see. Okay technically it wasn’t available during Classic, but it was the first Armory :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you sure you’re not thinking of the WoWHead and Alakazam model viewers? I don’t remember the 1.0 armory being in Vanilla.

EDIT: As far as I can tell the armory was released in early TBC, around March 2007.

Oh. In that case… #NOCHANGES! :wink:


There will be if not someone else will if Blizzard don’t since that’s how it was in classic. Pretty sure Blizzard talked about it. It’s like auto loot, it’s there for convenience since there’s going to be an add-on or someone else making it anyways if they don’t. it was there in classic just not by them. I rather have Blizzard make it and be less buggy

(Volitar) #4

Pretty much what Zoe said…one will exist no matter what people think. 3rd party sites collected data from addons on private servers to make pseudo a armory already.

Plus Warcraft logs has a classic section already…they have to be pulling the API from somewhere.