Should they apply Rated Rules to non-rated content?

The shared cooldown that they put on a lot of things helped.
Random BGs are a place to get creative. It’s fun digging through a bunch of content to find some cheeky gadgets to play with.
Sometimes certain things do pop up that are a problem. But it seems kind of silly to just want everything disabled rather than have them nerf the outliers.

You can literally make this argument about baseline class abilities though. Like 90% of RBG players don’t even have half their spell book on their bars.
You can also make this argument about gear. A ton of the people in BGs don’t know how to get things crafted or how to itemize.
We shouldn’t cater to people who just want everything they don’t understand pruned from the game. That deep level of knowledge and exploration is a huge draw for a lot of people.

The level of crazy stuff you can get up to in wpvp is already infinitely more insane than anything you can do in random BGs.

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no it isn’t.

thats what rated is for.


That would be kinda weird tho since they just made them allowed

hell to the nah.
random bgs are a sandbox. one the adults never put the lid on so all the neighborhood cats go poop in it.
try not to get any in your mouth.


I think all the stuff the grants % damage increase or primary/secondary stat increases should be removed. Maybe remove the defensive stat and healing consumes also. The utility stuff like engineering bombs/tinkers and gliders etc can stay.

I would also be happy to see ilvl scaling similar to bg blitz brawl in the unrated bg modes. It was scaled to 472 at the start of this season and increased to 485 at some point.

No, it isn’t.

Not it’s not. Random existed way before rated. And Randoms are the best place to use all those toys, potions and other tricks.

Stick with rated if don’t like those things.

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Absolutely not. Using “stuff” is part of the fun of randoms. We already have Battleground Blitz for those times you don’t feel like playing that way.

Its unanimous everyone agrees with me!

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You may see it that way but many don’t. Many don’t even bother with rated with it’s stress and frustration due to imbalance and etc.

If you want a training field for rated, do skirmishes.

I would be okay with getting rid of Toys in PvP for the following reasons:

  1. They wont let me use my Murlock toy in there.
  2. Premades abuse Toys to induce server lag.
  3. See option 1
  4. See option 3

And thats about it, everything else can stay.

I think the one that po’d me the most was the water strider. I went through all the effort to obtain one JUST for battlegrounds. Nope, not gonna happen. You still have to swim across the water. :frowning:

Play a DK or hire a shaman to feed you water walking. Problem solved!

Keep the toys but make it premade vs premade.

I just found what you were referring to. Yea, looks like by adding more mods they want to make random more sandbox/chaotic allowed.

What is ironic is that in their change to make the consumables easier to acquire they put nearly all of them on the same 5 minute cooldown which actually makes consumable usage less impactful in the random BGs.

Wild dragon fruit and pest fogger used to be on very short cooldowns and didn’t share cooldowns, for example.


It makes for choosing your 5min cd really situational. Even shares a CD with engineer helm.


Saltwater potions aren’t expensive. Randos are where people go to learn, sometimes they need to do more damage to feel like they’re not wasting their time. It’s also where other people go to play for fun. Leave the restriction on rated sweaty stuff.

I want to be able to use my transmorpher beacon in epic BGs at the start before the gates open.

Also, I don’t mind consumables being useable in BGs, they’ve always been useable for the most part and it seems silly to worry over it, random BGs are just there to have fun in or achievements.

Speaking of epics, if we were to apply these proposed rules there then we’d have to get rid of Ashran entirely. :rofl: