Should monks get a Bloodlust?

Just toying with the idea of a hybrid class with a tank spec having bloodlust. It could be called something like Celestial Fury.

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No. Warriors should have it, our class sort of revolves around bloodshed.

warriors should have everything man
a combat res, “perform CPR on a fallen ally”
AOE Victory Rush
They also lack a spammable CC, something that works like cyclone, say a bash that knocks enemies down and they can’t get up for 6 seconds, they just lay there, immune

what else, what else…
oh I know, an immunity. let’s give them one that’s undispellable, hear me out
during enraged regeneration, the warrior cannot die. no damage kills them, nothing, and they just spam bloodthirst and heal up and the end of it for however many 20% bloodthirsts they managed to slide in the ER window.
or nono, better yet. we leave bloodthirst like it is as a heal, and at the end of ER, the warrior gets healed by 100% of damage taken during ER.


I love these ideas. Let’s make them better than wannabe warriors.

I’d rather we didn’t have a blood lust. If we have to one, Brez would be better, but I don’t really want that either. I don’t think every class should have the ability to do these things.


No …We must ask ourselves … why do we fight?

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Along the lines of Battle rez … I think it’d be cool if we had a battle rez with a shorter cooldown … but it’s melee range!

Should have brews to hand out that are similar to healthstones.


Acupuncture battle rez. Melee range but instant cast. we poke the person with a needle and they wake up. Alternatively we slap them and that wakes them up.


Along those lines, a monk support spec would be dope.

Throw brews at teammates that increase stats, melee abilities that reduce damage output of enemies, cleanses in the form of brews.

Brews that increase magic and physical damage taken.

I’ve pitched the idea of having a keg we place down that allows the raid/party a lesser version of fort brew several times. I think it would be an awesome addition to the monk kit.


We could have an animation where we pick them up by the back of their tunic and dunk their head in water.

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In terms of monk utility, I think a brez would be nice. Looking at other classes with heal specs the only other one that doesn’t have a bloodlust or brez is priest. Priests have PI and Mass Dispel going for them (even though the latter was nerfed… was PI nerfed too?). The only stand out thing MWs have in my opinion that’s an active button we press is revival.

Blizzard: “Monks want lust/hero? Ok, what to do… what to do… HA! I got it! We’ll give them another capstone totem!”

Monks: “Wait, what? No, that’s–”

Blizzard: “You’ll have to stand within 15 yards of the totem, target the totem and emote /pray to get a temporary buff that increases dmg done, but only for auto attacks that crit. If any party or raid member goes too far from the totem, they get stunned for 2 seconds. Risk/reward!”

Monks: “WTF? Are you serious!?”

Blizzard: “No, of course we’re not serious. F*** monks.”

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What monks really need, is a dedicated dev. Sheesh, WW is in bad sorts.