Should I skip old content or lock level xp?

Hi, so I’m a semi-newish player. Played a bit here in there in the past but never got too far. I decided to finally give it a shot and have been leveling for a week or 2. MY issue is, I out-level most of the zones, and the current expansion I’m on, I only got through one of the zones for Pandaria. I understand this XP boost already increases leveling substantially, as well as the fact that they made it easier. So, what would you recommend I do? Simply go to new zones every time I hit the level cap? My issue is, I’d still like to experience the main story for each expansion, but after level locking, it seems very tedious and would seemingly take a week to do each expansion with all quests completed. Is it better to just skip them in that case? I’d rather not want to get burned out, but I also feel like I’ll miss things story-wise. Any advice would be cool, thanks.

You can always come back to old content after you have out leveled it. One of the more popular titles is “Loremaster” which requires you to complete the major quest chains for each zone up through Pandaria. People often do the Loremaster achievement on a max level character.

For Loremaster, on character has to complete the quest story lines for a zone but different characters can do different zones to count towards the achievement.

I would concentrate on getting a character or two to 120 before Shadowlands rather than completing the storylines at this time.

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When I’m taking a character through for the story, I’ll just stick around after I outlevel it. (I don’t turn off XP.) For me, getting a bit above the level of the content takes away some of the tediousness. I’m mostly interested in reading the quest text, not taking 20 minutes to kill a bunch of random mobs, so overpowering stuff doesn’t really bother me.

It’s not a very efficient way to do things. I did a full quest clear recently with a druid, and it took me at least a year. It can be fun, but it’s important to note that I also had some characters at max level I was doing the current stuff on at the same time. I found that made it a lot easier to take it slow on the druid, as I wasn’t afraid I was missing out on the current stuff. (It also helps to change things up.)

So, if you haven’t hit max level on a character, you may just want to focus on that right now, which means moving on once you’ve outleved an expansion. Then you can go back and finish old quests once you hit a lull in current content, or even start a brand new character just to do all the quests.

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IMO level multiple characters through different quest lines instead of locking exp. I think having multiple characters with play style diversity to mix it up is important. Classes are changing in Shadowlands as well. My three favorite classes were the 3rd, 7th, and 9th out of 12th to hit 120.

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Hi Thevoidsoul! Welcome back to WoW!

Bad news, there is no way to really level in one zone since the XP is just too boosted. I’d suggest mostly leveling through dungeons, keeping an eye out for timewalking events if possible which will easily level you. This way you don’t get frustrated with having quests, doing one dungeon and gaining three levels, then all the quests and mobs are under level.

What you’re currently wanting doesn’t exist until Shadowlands and I’d suggest reading some articles about the new leveling experience with Shadowlands. Basically in Shadowlands you can pick your expansion and it’s all been tailored so that you can level from (either 1 or 10) all the way to 50 (since the new expansion has a level squish). Then you would start the new expansion content from 50-60. So if you want to experience all of Pandaria you’ll be able to!

Good luck and I hope you stick it out to the next expansion, Shadowlands, as leveling will be great then!

I recommend what Astyss said. If you want to see the whole story, it’s very hard to do on one character. With the way leveling is right now, I’d recommend picking a 1-60 zone and finishing it completely, if you’re not level 58 (or 60), pick another zone. You might be able to get two or three zones before you get to the point you’ve out leveled the content. At that point, move on to either BC or WotLK zones. One-two zones completed will move you on to the next expansion. Keep repeating that process until max level. Then level different characters for the other zones. You can also go back at max level to complete any zones, you’ll just get gold as awards instead of xp.