Should I roll a character here?

I started back at launch on Grobbulus. I was thinking Rp-pvp sounded like fun, but now I’m not so sure. Problem is I took a break for few months and now I come back and it seem like it’s just full of level 60s spamming for BRD, selling runs to lowbies, and lowbies for the most part are alts that only want to buy runs for gold. It’s too overcrowded. Can’t seem to find much in the way of lowbies to run stuff with. I’ve found a few good groups, but it seems really sparse most of the time. All the constant “Buying Mara run” type stuff is kind of disheartening to someone who’s just starting out late.

I like both pve and wpvp a lot and I’m hoping there’s lot’s of stuff to do and people to do it with on here, I guess.

So my question is: How is life here? Is there enough players in the low to middle level ranges to find groups to run stuff regularly? Active wpvp?

I’ll give it a look (from level 1 tauren perspective) and see what it looks like. I’m willing to have faith that there’s something here worth finding. I’ve already decided what class/race I’m leveling so now all I gotta do is level up and see what it’s like!

Not really, there’s mostly groups leveling via the SM Cath/Arm sell run or Mara/BRD prison sell runs.

wondering the same thing. Although I want to play alliance.