Should i reroll to feral druid?

So after starting a warlock about a month ago, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m really not enjoying the class. I was wondering what the current state of feral druids were in pvp since they look like a lot of fun to play. Also are there any youtube recommendations on learning the spec? Or any high rated ferals to keep an eye on (to view talents, legendary, stat priority)?

Also, I already chose the kyrian covenant cause i read on here that it was currently the meta. Is that correct?

Feral is a fun class for me, it avoids everything Rogue had became (Which even before Shadowlands came out).

The covenant choice for Feral druid is in fact Night Fae because they have a absurd burst potential but I think Kyrian is okay too, just check out their abilities and compare.

As for getting the idea, they’re pretty good, if played right, in any situation, raiding, mythic (Single target or AOE). Though they require some very fineness in making sure you don’t run out of resources each time. So starting out and leveling, always go for the most friendly talents that make both AOE, and target to target fighting flowing.

As for stats, always, ALWAYS have crit first (After agility of course) and then Mastery because your passives depend on it for easier resource management and damage overall. Critical hit provides any combo point generation ability two instead of one on crit each time from a passive as you level. Mastery just makes bleeds and finishing moves hurt much more.

As far as Legendaries goes, just check Icy-Veins or WoWhead for that, they’re the same and provide the same answers for any situation but in personal experience, I run Cat-eye-curio because I use so much energy at times and it evens out my overuse of my spending.

If there’s any advice in particular. whether or not in single target or AOE, always have each bleed on your targets, ALWAYS, even Thrash, that adds significantly to shred/swipe damage. And when you have Rip on target, always use ferocious bite from then on (Unless the target is weak, then ferocious bite is generally better.) In AOE, go with Primal Wrath talent for a AOE Rip, and like I stated before, then start using Ferocious Bite and try to keep Rip applied at all times. The most damage I ever gotten in this expansion’s raid and Mythic runs were doing this. Sadly both wowhead and Icy-Vein led me astray on that saying Primal Wrath every time in AOE.

The talents listed on both sites provide clear information for either single target or AOE (go with AOE since most scenarios is gonna be more than one target anyways unless you aim to be really be at the top all the time). So they’re straightforward and easy to choose from.

Overall, Feral is NOT a easy spec to play as, I’ll tell you that much. Even when I started during Cataclysm and eventually past WoD, I finally grasped how to play them and during those bad changes up until Shadowlands, I figured out very comfortably how they play and my only issue is just keeping energy saved for all of my bleeds which is a must to have on your enemies at all times, keep them refreshed and you’ll most likely do a lot of damage among your team. Just practice the rotation of Going into stealth first if possible > rake > Thrash > shred (Singletarget) = Swipe (AOE) > Rip or Primal Wrath for AOE at 5 combo points. then just shred or swipe accordingly and Ferocious Bite but always keep the bleeds up at all times as needed. Their healing is also provided by the combo points accumilated, especially at 5 points which gives you a proc of free self healing, which is powerful when it crits. There is also a issue with it because Wild Growth will throw you out of Cat form but there is a macro that prevents it unless you have a proc ready (You can look that up, I assume).

If this is too much information, just go to WoWhead or Icy-Vein to get your general info and practice in game by then, as you level, you’ll learn and get the feel of how to effectively play them. I may not be the best with Feral Druid and someone may have a MUCH better understanding than I do but I get around well with mine that I don’t feel terrible in comparison to other players I’m against.


Feral does very well in PvP.

Good choice!

As for covenants, Kyrian is great, and so is Night Fae.

The other two are just way behind at the moment.

Just wanted to add…

If you end up not loving it… Balance is a a few clicks away, and it’s top shelf at the moment. :smiling_imp:

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Thanks so much for the quick and informative reply, i really appreciate it. I was pretty decent at dot uptime on my lock, i know it’s not the same but hopefully it’ll help with the switch. It’s probably not going to be easy, since the druid skill cap definitely looks intimidating but I’ll just have to practice lol. Thanks again.

Of course! I just don’t want people to be put off by the stories that “Feral druid” isn’t competing or something like that. Its just that there is a few steps missing that they were likely misled by, which again, both Wowhead and Icy-vein states in that AOE, primal Wrath is your only finisher to use at all times, not the case at all. You just keep it on the target much as possible while still using Ferocious Bite whenever possible. Its also worth noting that Feral Druid has a 3x critical damage modifier on them. At least for Ferocious Bite and Wild Growth. Which is why Critical Hit is so important.

There’s still much more to them but this is basically what makes the best Feral Druids IMO but you’ll have other abilities that help and make decisions on whether or not you need to do damage or survive because you got other abilities like a rooting ability or stun (Both innately and by talent). It also greatly helps to make your macros appropriately because it will get messy otherwise. So hopefully it all works out.

Curious what you mean by feral avoids everything rogue became?

I haven’t tried feral since BC.

Feral is great fun.

Excellent for world content, FULLY VIABLE in dungeons and raids (if anyone says otherwise they are lying to you or misinformed) great at WPVP and ok in arena. I have not had any issues against them in BGs, but I play a guardian.

It’s one of those easy to learn but difficult to master classes.
There’s a learning curve. It’s not like Havok DH or Frost DK where you can pick it up on monday and be close to optimal on tuesday. It’s a process, and theres so many things to learn…

I would very much suggest working out on paper first what you want your keybinds to be (theres a lot of them! and form paging to work out too…) and start out with mostly passive talents, gradually working in the more complex parts of the rotation and then working on stuff like snapshotting when your comfortable with it.

Kyrian is the optimal covenant on paper.
Night fae is the optimal covenant for fun, and possibly comes out ahead in practice if you can get the full convoke off (which you wont much of the time).

Don’t do it.


I have a few youtuber recommendations:

Psybearslat for PvE.
Snupy for PvP.

Both make great content, although it’s intended for high-end levels of play. Should get you on the right path though!

Best of luck.

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Snupy -

Feral is wonderful right now. You’ll have to play in guild RBGs if you want a spot because everyone always wants Balance Druids rn, but in 2s, 3s (Jungle), and randoms, we’re great.

One of the best in world PVP if you play w/ warmode on.

Its the idea that rogue has a few unique things that made Rogues great and great PvPers (At least they used to but still also end up being nerfed or buffed where Feral is on the sidelines despite sharing the same roles as a stealth class). Feral is just that one class that just ends up avoiding problems that Rogue ends up with, or buffs either as strengths or weaknesses but druids in general has the uniqueness to even multispec to a degree on the fly, if talenting the appropriate affinity, can make “Cat-weaving”, thus, a lot more powerful.

I might be just biased against Rogues, always hated them for having the more powerful utilities but it still stands that Ferals are very much sitting elsewhere with minor buffs that made bigger impacts, especially when now Mastery also affects Ferocious Bite and no longer needing to rely on Blood Talons in its old form for big damage while Rogues in general got slapped at their abilities directly.

I love Feral. If you want something akin to Rogue, but with dot management and hybrid heals, Feral will be for you. There is not alot of dots to manage (rake and rip) but snapshotting them does help (15% increased damage with Tigers Fury). Thrash hits like crap and I don’t even use it, even with the conduit that increases Ferocious Bite (FB) damage based on how many bleeds you have on the target. Like others have said, they are great in small scale PvP matches (1v1, 2v2, 3v3) although usually aren’t picked for RBGS because much of their utility is covered by the other specs. Great class though.

Check out beanslayers guide on YouTube

I love rogue, but feral is my go to for pvp. Track humans and fastest class in the game plus stealth bear form and self healing? Yes.

Feral has a bit of every rogue spec: subs burst window play (berserk and TF), outlaws extended melee range and mid range fillers (if balance affinity), assassin’s builder/finisher abilities and energy pooling.

Rogue feels like you are picking between a poisoned knife, a really sharp knife, and a machete. Feral feels like a hiking backpack full of “things you might need including this all purpose K-bar.”

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I wouldn’t do it, our Dots do the least of our dmg, and convoke is really what is keeping the spec afloat at the moment.

There’s no real reward for playing well other than getting a full convoke off

Bleeds are literally the highest effort part of the spec for the least percentage of DMG

Oh and you get to re-talent every time you need AoE, which then removes the talent that makes the single target rotation…work

Did something change since BFA? If I recall we always valued vers above everything else with crit/mastery being somewhat equal as second place? :thinking:
Also, isn’t crit nerfed in pvp, further devaluing it?

I wouldn’t know about Versatility asides from being valued in Guardian Druid. Maybe that’s it? Versatility is generally acceptable for PvP but the issue with Feral Druids is that they NEED Critical Hit, at least up to the point of 25%. This is because your passives benefit it the most simply because you earn a extra combo point, leaving more room to continue your offensive. And of course your Bleeds will be quite powerful for it too, so that’s a given.

I’ve read somewhere that haste does become favorable if you intend a full bleed build but I’ve been more open to just go with more straightforward choice which is Crit and Mastery. But as far as I am aware, never have I since WoD found Versatility useful for Feral Druids in general situations.

As mentioned previously to see what feral is truly capable of in pvp and pve, watch snupy or psybearslat. In saying that performing at the this time lvl is extremely difficult.

Feral is Jack of all trades master of none. They perform perfectly fine in all aspects of the the game.

Vers has been mentioned as top at every point in BFA (and even in SL so far). Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

I’ve never followed those guides. Maybe its only because it is for PvP, which again, remember that Versatility is a very desirable stat for PvP in most cases unless some Specs, namely Guardian Druid has better time using it over Crit and Mastery.

In PvE, I think Crit and Mastery is more powerful to have.