Should Energy be removed?

I’m curious if anyone feels it needs to be removed or reworked completely, as is I feel like it is awful for sin rogue, I can’t say to other specs.

My only other character I actually play other then my priest is my rogue.

What exactly makes it ‘awful’ for Assassination?

i take thistle tea on outlaw rogue cuz spamming sinister strikers hoping for it to proc with no energy feels like poop. It’s not the ‘meta’ talent build but it’s fitting that i am a panda that will drink tea in the middle of a fight


Then remove mana for casters and energy for hunters and warriors and DH ?

Warriors build and so does DH, you can run out of energy and can’t use skills till it regenerates back as a rogue or use a cooldown to get some back, the only casters that need mana as a resource are healers and arcane mage, SP only use mana when using utility, I have never ran out of mana on my paladin. Do hunters build energy like DH? Never played one.

Rogues build too…it called “combo points”

Yes the point of this is that energy regeneration, rather than ability cooldowns, sets the pace of the rotation for Rogues. Assassination, in particular, has traditionally been the more slow, methodical spec with a bit more down time. Pooling energy before Envenom has been a thing going back to at least Wrath. I’ve basically just done Sub/Outlaw this expansion, though, so I don’t know how the current pacing for Assassination compares to previous expansions.

For Hunters, focus regenerates over time like energy, only not as quickly, though every spec has active abilities that generate focus.

Think of it this way.

Energy is the rogue equivalent of a cast time. Now imagine if your priest had zero cast time for all of your spells.

Sure, it would be nice to cast spells as fast as you press your buttons. But it would be insanely overpowered.

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I like that Tavlina, never thought of it that way.

I personally think it adds a little depth to the class and I like that.

I do agree, maybe it’s because I want to Mutilate every global. One of the few classes where you manage a resource.