Shot off mount in Zereth Mortis with comfortable barding

Mounts with comfortable barding for the no daze effect seems to have no effect in ZM. Getting shot off my flying mount nonstop everywhere I go. No problem in any other flying zone in SL.


Are you sure you weren’t flying the Hirukon mount? It’s not effected by mount equipment.

nope flying old pandaria mounts, also tried 5 regular mounts i never have a problem with in any other zone.

as to Hirukon mount i am over 27K casts now and no goop so NO!

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Interesting. Well, there are mawsworn in the desert area up north that will shoot you off your mount.

Goes through the tank spec dismount immunity, too. Only other thing I can think of that wouldn’t be a bug.

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Is affecting druid flight form as well, even though I’m theory we are immune to spells that switch out forms.


Yeah thanks that what they said. Soon it will be in all zones as Ion/Blizz think it is a good balance to allowing flight.

Its funny sometimes but not on the way to get something!

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In my opinion, it’s a better alternative to Uldum’s worms giving you a stacking debuff slowing your flight speed.

Just submitted a ticket with something similar. I’ve been dismounted twice in flight form out there. Two other times I was flying in flight form, got hit by a mob and immediately dc’d

Same; twice

i don’t understand the comfortable rider’s barding, tank spec or druid forms not working like they do in all other content.

in pvp the net-o-matic will do that but i assume this is working against pve players as well. SMH

Blizzard what is the point of the rider equipment to prevent dismounts when you have garbage like this. remove it please.


It’s not the dismount that’s bothersome, it’s the fact that about half the time I get DC’d when I land on the ground after being dismounted (and log back in to a dead character).

If you’re being hit by the Banishment Blast ability, it’s working as intended.

The mount equipment only works for daze effects. You won’t get dazed off your mount.

Effects that specifically dismount you, such as Net-o-Matic or Banishment Blast, will still dismount you. It’s supposed to dismount you.

If you’re being dismounted though from a daze effect even though you have the mount equipment, that does sound like a bug unless youre riding the Hirukon mount (which, someone pointed out, is not affected by mount equipment)

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Same here, and it never happened with ground mounts since in the new zone but as soon as I get flying and having the 2x stack of the reduced being seen buff, im still being seen by these npcs across the zone and just randomly booped off my mount all the time. You grind to get flying and they add a new Gotcha mechanic lmao


Literally just got shot off the map :slight_smile:

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Yeah they just confirmed this mechanic will be all over DF expansion. Increased aggro range of flying NPC to 200yards.