Shot in the dark- Any late/weekend rerolls? (PST)

Hey yall. I’ve returned to the game recently, but with few friends who are around any longer, was curious if there are any raiding rerolls on the horizon?

I have an extensive raiding background but I think I would find the prospect of leveling up with a group to get to know them more appealing.

Future raids would need to be late night pst or weekends

M-F after 10:30 PST (1:30 am EST)
S-S anywhere from 2pm to 2am (5pm-5am EST)

Hi Hamcakes! We are a newly formed horde guild Gods and Emperors on Hyjal looking to start up a raid team and build our guild. Raid times would be Friday and Saturday 8 to 11 eastern. During the rest of the week we love to chat in discord and help people level or gear up. If you are interested we would love to chat with you more. My contact info is Amberlina#1096 and BabyHawk #11988 :blush:

Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to make the friday start time (west coast pst)

Hope your guild is successful!

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Hey Hamcakes! My community, and Friday night pst raid, might work for you! Hit me up if interested, take care :slight_smile:

<Hubris> [H] Semi Casual Heroic/Mythic PST

Ham, add me we’re looking for strong players and we just recently started mythic progression.

We’re 9/9h 1/9m so you’d get the experience of progression with players that have been collectively as high as top 150 US but need a relaxed schedule.

Raid times are Saturday and Sunday 8-11pm EST. Add for more info!


Hello, we are recruiting and socials are welcomed:

Lint Roll My Carpet | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1-3 am CST


Guild Master: Fiege
BNET: Fiege#1567

Yo ham,

Hope you’ll go Ham for my guild. We’re pretty legit. Come check us out and see if you’d want to be apart of us as much as we’d want to be apart of you.

Midnight Jesters/Dalaran

If you’re interested feel free to reach out!

Love your demeanor gnarly! wish i could make the friday raid