Short list of changes to improve WW

  • Change Meridian Strikes to allow Touch of Death to be usable on higher health targets in some form.
    • Example: Applies debuff for 10 seconds when used against targets above (your maximum health or 15% health), dealing 10% of your maximum health in damage each time you activate combo strikes against the target.
  • Change Forbidden Technique to grant an extra charge of Touch of Death rather than make it usuable again within a short window.
  • Change Last Emperor’s Capacitor to also reduce the channel time of Crackling Jade Lightning by 100%.
  • Move Xuen and it’s related talents further down the tree, and unblock all of the talents currently locked behind picking or augmenting it.
  • Change Touch of the Tiger to instead cause Tiger Palm to strike (1 / 2) additional time(s).
  • Change Inner Peace to instead buff Touch of Karma in some way
    • Add an extra charge?
    • Increase the absorption limit?
    • Increase the damage ratio?

yeah it never made sense that it didn’t. It didn’t feel good to raid with it in Legion, doesn’t feel good right now. Also would be nice to have for pvp too in this form.

Honestly should just bake the talent as is to tigerpalm anyway, out builder is one of the weakest in the game.
Then we could put another talent here instead.
Maybe something like someone put before like inner strength or something

Can make it good karma and reduce dmg by 15-20% so it’s not instantly broken by every gust of wind.

I’d rather Touch of Karma become “blocking” as extra utility. So effectively if you got hit for 500k damage on a 150k hp Karma shield, it would break the entire absorb shield, but not damage your life. Sort of like a cheat death. I think this is referred to as “shield gating” in some other games.

LEC change would be good, but I also wouldn’t really ever want it to be good unless there was a talent that made CJL do AOE damage. Would be cool to have a whole bunch of CJL arcing out from you.

Talents overall need a lot of changes. We have 0 free points for utility on WW tree, so even if they changed Inner Peace, no one would be able to use it without losing damage.

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Fix ToD health % detection.
Revert Karma to MoP strength (including damage).
Revert Diffuse Magic to a 90% Magic DR.

There are a lot of things that need condensing/reworking on our tree.

Fuse Fort Brew and Dampen Harm. Make it like a 2min CD Fort Brew with 2 charges.
Bake Empowered Tiger Lightning back into Xuen. It’s how it was in SL, no need for bloat.
Bake Meridian Strikes into one of the two other ToD talents we have. Alternatively, if some talents got shuffled around, ToD could have it’s very own branch at the bottom of our tree.
Buff EC or CJL so EC is appealing.
Fuse FoX and Invoker’s.
Delete FLS’ branch of the tree. Replace it with the RSK damage debuff from MoP/WoD.
Delete BDB’s branch of the tree. Replace with Calculated Strikes/more MotC damage amp.
Delete Xuen’s Bond OR buff the CDR so that it lines up with every Seren/SEF.

Please please please make Skyreach not mandatory. I hate the talent to so much or just give us the option to keep the crit and turn off the dash or something please.