"Shop" mogs continue to wipe themselves at log out ~40% of the time. Is there a fix?

I’ve noticed this with actual things I have form the shop (the fire horns helmet) as well as other mogs in a somewhat similar vein, namely the explorer’s outfit from Recruit a Friend. I will pay to mog the outfit and it may persist through a few logouts but eventually it will wipe to my standard gear appearances and I have to re-mog it.

This has been going on for a long time, several months at least, but I’ve noticed recently that it doesn’t happen with my Vestments of the Eternal Traveler and I’m not sure why. First, I want to report this bug so hopefully it gets fixed but I’m also hoping some players know some way to get the mog to “stick” properly. :slight_smile:

Bump; hadn’t heard of these issues happening with the new Celestial mog set so I took a chance and bought it, it’s been wiped from my bank toon today.

It is a very known and very well-documented bug. They are working on it, as they have been since it first broke in June with the release of 9.1. There is currently no fixes or work-arounds.

You have the mogs that you paid for. Unfortunately they disappear from being mog-able with no rhyme or reason, just as they’ll reappear the same way.

You are welcome to request a refund for the Celestial mog, but that’s kind of it at this point until they figure out why this is happening to some people, but not all - and why it’s happening some of the time but not all of the time.