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Dear Blizz, since you took my money (multiple times), do you think you could fix your cosmetics so that they are always available? I’m tired of logging in and the game randomly forgetting I own them, only to have them show up again … some time?

I have disabled all addons and restarted multiple times. This is not a problem unique to my account and it’s 100% unacceptable. Fix your game or give me my money back.


Yeah, this has become unacceptable given the fact that this problem has been going on for over a year now.

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Hey, neat, the cosmetics I paid money for are once again not available in game. Really great how you sell things that some times work. Maybe.

Very well-known, very well-documented bug. No ETA, no fix. They will appear and disappear at random with no rhyme or reason.

That’s cool, I’m still going to keep posting the bug until they fix this sh + it.

They would if they knew what was causing it. They’re trying, as they have been since it was first reported.

Somehow I find that a bit hard to either prove, or believe.