Shivless Build


I just wanted to share this shivless build I found out could be put together for Sin rogue in DF. Ideal for those 2-3 boss scenarios where shiv is a hinderance more than a benefit. Basically just keeping your bleeds up on the target while stacking amplifying poison and consuming stacks as they hit 15 on the targets.

Now I just need blizz to recognize my account has beta and let me post on the thread.

log out and back in

Ive tried that. Think its cause i got beta from a key and not blizz themselves

You know, it really says a lot when you attempt to make the claim that Shiv is a “hinderance” when it literally applies a 7% raid wide damage reduction in DF :joy: :joy: :joy:

Bonez youre a gd idiot. Good luck applying shiv on 3 bosses at a time, raid wide damage or not. You dont lose anything in that sense considering Assassination comes with a charge regardless. Yes the shiv nature buff is a hindrance in those scenarios. Theres no way to apply it to multiple targets.

You’re acting like you don’t go back to dumping Envenoms after you get your bleeds up because Sin doesn’t have a real AOE finisher. For the record too, talenting Shiv again will give you a second charge once the systems are in place. You can’t even skip the 20% Shiv buff without putting a point into Internal Bleeding (lol) and by not taking IS you also lose Elaborate Planning. Sounds great man.

Not really sure what to tell you if you don’t want to accept the truth or play at the level where those things matter.

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shiv is baseline. Its a damage increase no matter how many targets, you use it on the primary that you will be dumping envenoms on after your bleeds have been spread.

Just stop because you’re embarrassing yourself. You can’t even apply IB to bosses and the entire purpose of the second charge is you guarantee that you can save one charge for your CDs without having to throw it away because you need to save it for a raid mechanic happening. It’s a fact that there will be times on every single mythic boss where you’re going to need to Shiv and it’s simply not going to work with your timings hence again, why the second charge is worth. Again you also ignore the fact that you’re losing a consistent 8% damage buff through EP.

Cause whether this is worth it or not is completely dependent on the tuning pass meant to happen before raid release. Go be a buzzkill somewhere else. You literally dont understand what youre saying half the time.

You don’t even grasp core concepts of the class in general so I’m not really sure what you’re going on about :dracthyr_shrug:.

You’ve taken EP as a talent for literally 4 years now and the only exception to that was Nathria because without PI you didn’t have enough regen with no stats to sustain the buff consistently and on top of that, you always took it in any aoe situation regardless. A “tuning pass” isn’t going to change that because neither of those talents are going to get adjusted lol.

Weve taken EP because it competed against 2 other talents. EP is strong on its own and wont be changed yes, but until tuning there is no guarantee a build without it will or will not be able to bring more dps. The most likely build candidate for that is the one i included above.

It will be interesting to see what the sims tell us :slight_smile:

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