<Shifty In Nature> 2/10M - 10/10H - Recruiting DPS

< Danger Rangers > is a multi raid group, tight knit guild focused on Mythic progression and M+. Both raid groups aim to push their respective progression on a 2 day raid schedule.

- Group AD -
1/10M - 10/10H -

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday / Thursday 8:30PM - 11:30PM EST (Server Time)

Looking for any solid DPS / Healers seeking to raid in a fairly competitive raid
environment aimed at Mythic progression.

Discord Contacts:

  • Ripwarlock#9639
  • Kevetic#7849

- Group DR -

  • 7/10H

Tuesday / Thursday 9PM - 12PM EST (Server Time)

Looking for any solid DPS interested in aiming for AOTC and beyond.

Discord Contacts:

  • Chris ‘Zesty’#2697
  • Wattt Tottt#5987

bump :smiley:

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting!

Bump. Still looking for Ranged DPS / 1 Healer

Hey, just thought id reach out because I see youre recruiting ranged DPS. I currently play my warrior and was wondering if you are open to a melee DPS. I am 10/10H looking for a new home.

Denathrius Down. AOTC Achieved. Come join us for Mythic!

We have a couple more spots for very STRONG DPS still open!

Still recruiting Ranged DPS with a high priority on a Mage!

Still looking for strong ranged DPS! Preferably a Mage.

Still recruiting some a mage and other range DPS!

Teams are still recruiting!

Mythic Hustman down in 2 hours. Come join! Still recruiting 2 DPS.