Shi Everbreeze Time Rifts no plate shoulders

I am running the Time Rifts for my alts but it seems on my warrior and paladin Shi does not show the Anomalous Pauldrons as an option to purchase.

As I look at her now the options I can purchase are

4 cloaks
1 Anomalous chestplate
1 anomalous stompers
1 anomalous crushers
1 anomalous greathelm
and 1 anomalous greaves
Yes, I have changed the filter to “all” but nothing for plate wearers is added.

Anyone else seeing this or just my bad luck. Would love to have this bug fixed so I can 1. get the mog and 2. get my girl geared.

Oh and it also seems the other merchants at the time rifts have decided to hide stuff as well all the mounts are hidden as well.

Thank You

Anomalous Pauldrons are on that NPCs “sells” list, according to this filtered WowHead list:

I just checked on a couple of alts and I can see that armor just fine, so this appears to be not a universal issue.

Editing to add: every item you listed is on the first page of her “filtered for plate wearers” list. The pauldrons and a whole bunch of other plate armor are on the second page. Did you not check the next page of her sales inventory?

When i only have Paladin (or warrior) selected there is only 1 page of items (thoes i listed) when i select all then there is only like 1 or 2 plate peices.