Sheileun's Gift - how does it work?

Edit: nm, I figured it out. The mists just appear during fights, and I use the Gift spell to collect them.

Draws in all nearby clouds of mist. healing up to 3 nearby allies for 8835 per cloud absorbed.

So how exactly is the cloud absorbed? Who does the absorbing? Do the party members have to run to a cloud themselves to get the healing?

I’ve cast the spell in the training dummies area in Veldrakken, and nothing happens when I run through the mists myself.

What am I missing here?

At base, every 8 seconds while in combat you get a stack of mists/clouds. Max is 10 stacks. When you use the Sheilun spell, the stacks are consumed and you heal up to 3 nearby allies for 8835 per stack. So at 10 stacks, 8835*10 = 88,350 healing on up to 3 nearby allies.

If you pick the talent that reduces it to a cloud every 4 seconds, you’re doubling the rate of growth and therefore able to cast the spell more often.

If you pick the OTHER talent that grants you a buff, it works like this: Every stack of clouds grants you 3 seconds of a random buff. At 10 stacks, you get one of the 4 random buffs for 30 seconds.

I had to play around with it to kind of get a grip with it. It seems like the talent that reduces it to a cloud every 4 seconds would be best in dungeon content, while the other one that gives you a big stat buff would be best in raid content where those buffs can be applied to your other spells that do much more healing.

Hope that helps. I also hope I didn’t mess something up, haha


The clouds are just a visual thing to give the spell flavour. It’s just a normal stacking buff, that stacks passively while in combat. You don’t need to be near the clouds, touch them or anything


yeah, the nice thing about it is it shows your cloud count on the skill button, and you don’t even need to target someone to use it as a sort of “smart” heal.

Won’t it target self if you dont target someone? or will all 3 heals become smart heals?

i could be wrong, but it seemed to heal others, based on scrolling combat text… i wasn’t exactly paying close attention.

You need a target to cast it.
If there’s no target selected it will count you as the target like every other healing spell.

Heals are not smart, they heal an injured ally but do not prioritize lowest hp.

How are people liking it?

I feel the buff being random kind of sucks, but it heals for a truckload.

it’s amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

It most of the time guarantees 3 people to be topped so for M+ is a panic button we needed


I used it like twice during knife storm or whatever in the mage challenge if that counts ? lol (which btw i just healed through screw running way)

The randomness isnt as bad as I thought it would be. The buffs are so strong. Getting 8-10 stacks worth of a buff just makes things more interesting in general too. Not to mention that even if you have 1 stack you can pop Sheilun’s just for a 3 sec buff before you normally revival. Makes every revival even better especially if you get either Lesson of Doubt or Lesson of Anger :3

With 25 ish % haste and the large nuke+cleave heal the cast time is a non issue really unless you have no haste. In raids it’s even easier to plan when you want to use it or have a buff up.

My build and the spec in general feel really good and more complete IMO. Mana doesnt seem to be as much as an issue since the changes to Yu’Lon too and not needing to vivify spam as much.

I am loving it. Legion MW vibes all over and it’s just such a great addition to both m+ and raids :green_heart: :dragon:

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You just suck in the clouds during the cast animation and the heal goes out.

I’m loving it. At 10 stacks I get 86-118k healing to each of the 3 targets (I don’t think it’s split). It’s glorious, a mini cooldown.

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It’s great, it’s basically Mote of Sanctifcation on a very short CD.