Sheath on back

Can we please have the option to sheath our one handed weapons on our backs? As a rogue, I’d love the option to have my daggers on my back rather than on my sides. The only back sheathing daggers I can think of are the twinblades of the hakkari and the assassination artifact weapon. I just think since we’re now opening up transmog a bit more and allowing for more customization, this would be a nice addition.


Been wanting this every xpac. They could easily make this a option at transmog vendor. Sheath on side or back. Looks way better on back


There are a few more, this has been a “thing” for as long as I remember so if you google around you’ll find some more guides. This is out of date pretty much but some of the weapons are still valid. I’ll try to look though my dagger collection and see if I can make a list of what I have and then try to improve on it.

That would be awesome for sure.


I gotta bump this idea. This would be a really nice feature visually. I’d never considered it as a customizable option before, but it makes perfect sense in line with what they’ve been doing with hidden slots recently.

I’d also like to see the option of hiding the weapon while sheathed, or if possible not sheathing when idle.

I don’t really play DH, but I’ve always hated how their warglaives look when they’re just hanging there arbitrarily somewhere on their upper-back. They should look intimidating and aggressive, but they just look silly. That’s unfortunate, because they tend to look great held in hand. TG warrior is the same way sometimes.

So much of the sense of scale is gone from weapons now that everything is just huge. Apart from a few chains and tentacles, they don’t usually have much feeling of weight or mass.

That’s a pity because the shape of a character’s silhouette is a big factor in what they look like when you actually see them in-game, and the weapon is a big part of that. Whether on mounts or whatever else, our characters spend much of their time with their weapons sheathed.


Absolutely, it would be as easy as adding a new variable, since we already know all weapons can attach to the back of a character thanks to monks.


I love this idea as well. My Windwalker Monk can have the swords on the back, but my Demon Hunter has them at the hips. Would be awesome if they made it a tmog option.


Here’s a guide from 2018, its mostly swords, but it’s nicely done.

They already designated attachment points for every 1-hander in the game to accommodate Monks, so all the hard work seems to me already done! Adding my voice in, too.

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Would like to bump and reignite this post because I fully support the option to sheath weapons on our back.

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The only valid reason to necro a post.

Necroing posts like this makes Sauron jealous.

I second this though. Weapons on back just looks cooler, regardless of how functional or plausible it is for any IRL reason.

Would also add on to this to let us decide what belts toggle lower tabard or not.

I would love to see this is an option, vastly prefer the look of weapons sheathed on my character’s back than sides which really limits the amount of weapons I can transmog to be happy with the look.

Yessssss give the tread LIFE! WEAPONS ON BACK BLIZZ!

Been asking for this or at least change certain weapons locations to the back as some look comically ridiculous with a large 1 hander hanging at your side, carving into the ground as you walk or just weapon placement needs to be overhauled in general