Shay Pressler

Returning player here after a long hiatus. I am trying to buy the Heirloom items from Shay Pressler in Stormwind. I’m a human and have revered reputation with Stormwind. My nephew just started and with a level 23 character was able to see the items for sale from Pressler. So does anyone know what the issue is why I see NOTHING for sale from this guy? I was able to buy some heirloom stuff in Iron Forge but not from this guy. It makes no sense to me.


Shay Pressler is a guild vendor. You will only be able to buy from him once you have gained reputation with a guild that you join.

Guilds unlock the ability to buy Heirlooms and other items from Shay by completing different tasks as a guild, but once they’re unlocked, they’re unlocked forever. Once you reach certain reputation milestones within the guild you join, you’ll be able to buy heirlooms, tabards, mounts, etc. from Shay.

Guild reputation is very easy to obtain, and once you join a new guild, simply playing the game regularly will have you at exalted before you know it.