Shattered Hand circa 05-07

Y’all have probably seen the official post for classic but it couldn’t hurt to try here too.

Me and some of my old squad from Slash Gee Quit/Templar Dragoons/Demons of Northrend are gearing back up for Classic!

If you recognize any of these name - please add my battletag jasonola#1346

  • Hataro
  • Mdx
  • Ulazain
  • Stablizer
  • Timotei
  • Sobee
  • Gaboo
  • idot
  • Licks
  • Nothealing
  • Nasuada
  • Cyclonelol
  • Symmathos
  • Lilbush
    or anyone who was in the guild or knows any of these people you are welcome to join. See y’all in classic
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hey man. I’ve been looking for you. hit me up, ok?

it is nick/minh……we tried to start a guild together…or you tried to help me…it didn’t work…but we kept in contact for a good bit. I don’t know why i’m named chaelee. that is a toon I don’t play from years ago. anyway. hope to hear from you

I tried to change my toon so you would know me. hope this works

Sorry! Yes I remember Minh! #jasonola1346! Hmu any time bro!