Share your wishlist for Priest DF launch!

Just for fun! Do you guys have a fun wishlist for your Priest (of any spec) that you’d like to share?

Here is MY Shadow Priest PvE wish-list for polishing before DF launch (can be as realistic or UNrealistic as you please!):

  • (mandatory/non-negotiable - must fix our AoE - give us mass/burst AoE option, and fix our cleave so we have reliable way to quickly spread dots - lower shadow crash cd and increase the target cap?
  1. Keep Mind Games - I like the unique flavor and hybridity of doing some solid damage, non-rotational, and has some survival value.
  2. Add a way to cancel Dominate Mind early (EDIT: There IS a way, sorry to confuse all. I realized the npc you dominate becomes a pet frame on your UI and you can right click and cilck “dismiss” - sorry for the confusion!)
  3. Add Door of Shadows as choice node with Angelic Feather
  4. update Vampiric Embrace so it doesn’t rely solely on the shadow priest doing single target damage to get full value, change it to something that makes us more valuable to m+ groups.
  5. take Vampiric Embrace off the gcd
  6. change Shadow Crash to mob-targeted ability instead of ground reticule targeting.
  7. Let void tendrils be cast at range (even mid-range) and maybe increase cap to 6-7.
  8. Remove Halo (might be controversial here - but I see it as destined to damage shadow priest reputations everywhere in m+ group finder because some hooligans will be using it carelessly and pulling extra mobs).
  9. Make Idol capstone spells more interactive with our kit (instead of just select the talent and then forget about them - this, in addition to buffing/fixing the bugs with them)
  10. consider adding our sepulcher tier 2 and 4 set bonuses into the talent tree - maybe even as replacement for one of the current capstones. Or at least use the same principal to redesign Idols (principle = visually striking/appealing, powerful, interactive, even if in a minor way, with our rotation).
  11. Keep Shadow Mend, or at least keep the functionality of the choice node below it - Masochism and Depth of the Shadow are great utility for us and offer good choice in different scenarios.
  12. buff Angelic Bulwark and/or make it work with the hit that actually brought you below 30% hp
  13. Make the utility nodes in the top of the shadow tree easier to take without forfeiting so much throughput.
  14. If we died in Shadowform, let us rez or brez by default in Shadowform so we don’t have to waste a gcd immediately getting back into Shadowform.
  15. Finally (phew) - Add some talent that makes shadow priest feel dangerous and hectic - something Surrendery to Madnessey even if it’s not the actual surrender to madness ability.


  • Flash Heal removed.
  • Initial hit of Prayer of Mending applies Atonement.
  • Train of Thought also causes Penance to reduce the CD on Shadowmend.
  • Binding Heal on the class tree changed to cause 20% of PW:S applied to others also applies to you.
  • Allow for Contrition to somehow count towards Harsh Discipline so that defensive Penance isn’t a noob trap.
  • Light’s Wrath and the 3 talents that affect it removed. Make those talents buffs or augments to Mind Games and/or Mind Blast instead.
  • Turn Shadow Covenant into a better defensive cooldown. Perhaps make it give Shadow Mend the Trial of Light treatment. Or make Shadow Mend instant cast.
  • Significantly buff Twilight Corruption to give Penance and Divine Star/Halo new affects during Shadow Covenant. Perhaps make Penance spread PtW on each bolt or Divine Star /Halo causes all PoMs active to detonate and apply a shield for their remaining value.
  • My dream is to somehow have Divine Insight back. PoM bouncing around automatically just sounded and looked so cool.
  • Rebuff the Ultimate Radiance PvP talent back to 250% to account for the removal of the PW:R conduit.

This. This is the way. Disc would be perfect

Switch coalescing shadows to empower Devouring Plague and Shadow Word: Death to provide more of a distinction between the left and right paths of the spec tree.



Specifics -

  1. Replace Halo with Cascade. Halo is too dangerous to press in most situations, but Cascade is an even cooler spell that fills a similar function, and it avoids the risk of Halo.

  2. If we can’t have utility, let us be vampy again. Uncap VE, remove it’s limits, take it off the GCD, and let us have gross self sustain/passive party healing like we used to.

  3. Bring back Mania as a shadow specific choice node with B&S.

  4. Delete Voidform, spend the dev time on making Dark Ascension a good CD.

  5. Make us a true DoT class again. Right now our dots just feel so… meh? Also give us more consistent/reliable ways to spread them in AoE scenarios.

  6. Let our apparitions walk towards the target again. Make it a visual glyph so we can choose.

  7. If they’re going to delete Shadow Mend, just make Flash Heal turn into Shadow Mend when you’re in Shadow spec. I don’t want to cast holy and light spells.

  8. Improve our capstone, both functionally and visually. Functionally, I would love to see them really benefit from or slightly alter our playstyle and rotation in a fun way. Visually, can we please get something that is on par with other classes’ visual flair? I’d love to see the shadow equivalent of something like Full Moon or Stormbringer/Chain Lightning.

Generally, I would love to see a return to pre-Legion Shadow in a lot of ways. I want our DoTs to hit harder, I want the rot style to come back, and I’d love to see us be undisputed in terms of dueling/passive healing when played well.

More generic wishlist stuff would be just giving us unique utility that incentivizes groups to bring Shadow, better/more streamlined movement options so we don’t have to press 5+ buttons just to use our movement, and more than ANYTHING ELSE, I want Blizz to stop telling us that they just ran out of time to address our spec.

Like how many expansions is that now? To have Blizz admit that they know something is not working, or lackluster, but they just don’t plan to change it for launch? We’ve had 6 years since Legion launch, and it’s been the same story, and our only hopes have been that they patch us up enough not to sink or they tune us to such gross numbers that people bring us/play shadow regardless of the bad design.


I would absolutely love it if Coalescing Shadows amped Devouring Plague instead of Mind Blast. Even if they left Mind Spike in there, that would be so much cooler to me, and it would make our DP hit like a truck.


I just made a post about an idea to make coalescing shadows more interesting. Check it.

Hard agree here, especially considering destro locks get uncapped aoe dot spread in the form of cataclysm thats on the same 30 second cooldown.

Keep the same cooldown on crash, reticule or mob target I can live with (would rather mob target), but uncap the targets affected. Thanks.

Fade DR → would like to see something closer to the 20%+ personal of most other classes. Not a fan of the claim that self-shielding or self-healing over multiple GCDs is the same as a single, off-GCD click that defines most personals.

I’d give up the more “flavorful” priest situational utility for a lust and/or brez and/or AoE stun.

Would like to see Lightwell either substantially re-designed or else removed, maybe in favor of Cascade.

I went too deep dreaming about what Shadow could be. Beware of a long delusional post that will tease your brain and never come into existence. Turn back now for this tree has too many options.

I designed this tree with the idea that our Mastery is changed back into the Mists of Pandaria mastery.

Shadow Recall
Your damage over time effects have a mastery% chance to tick an additional time.

On to the tree.

Tier 1
The overall design of Tier 1 is inspired by the subtlety tree. I constrained it to a 6/4 split between throughput talents and utility. I wanted to experiment with a Tier 1 design that felt good while still containing all 4 of the utility talents in our tree. The player is free to choose 2 of the utility options simply to buy into tier 2. The other 2 talents will have to be sacrificed if they are desired.

Row 1
Mind Spike - Devouring Plague - Shadow Crash
No changes

Row 2
Surge of Darkness - Silence - Dispersion - Misery
No changes

Row 3
Psychic Horror/Last Word - Coalescing Shadows - Intangibility/Mental Fortitude
Coalescing Shadows - Now empowers Devouring Plague for 50% per Shadow consumed. Now generated by Mind Blast.

Tier 2

Row 4
Mastermind - Fortress of the Mind - Shadow Weaving
Fortress of the Mind - Increases insanity generation of Mind Blast and Mind Flay
Shadow Weaving - A numerically reduced version of our Shadowlands mastery.

Row 5
Mind Melt - Mindbender - Puppet Master - Shadowy Insight - Harnessed Shadows - Unfurling Darkness - Shadowy Apparitions
Harnessed Shadows - Now allows Mind Flay and Shadow Word: Pain to proc Coalescing Shadow Orbs. Shadow generation from being critically hit remains.

Row 6
Psychic Link - Mind Devourer - Coalescing Insight Proc - Mental Decay - Auspicious Spirits
Coalescing Insight Proc - New talent based on tier set. Whenever you consume a coalescing Shadow you have a 15% chance per shadow consumed to proc Shadowy Insight.

Row 7
Whispers of the Damned - Pain of Death - Reaper of Souls - Tormented Spirits - Maddening Touch
Reaper of Souls - Extends Shadow Word: Death execute range to 35%. If a target is above execute threshold, Shadow Word: Death can consume 3 coalescing shadows to deal execute damage. If a target is within execute range, Shadow Word: Death will consume 3 coalescing shadows to generate 75 insanity.

Tier 3

Row 8
Damnation - Shadowflame Prism - Insidious Ire - Crown of Shadows - Dark Evangelism - Mindflay: Insanity - Void Eruption
Damnation - Now generates 1 surge of darkness on cast.
Crown of Shadows - Allows you to have up to 5 coalescing shadows
Mindflay: Insanity - Now also causes Mindflay: Insanity to deal 50% of its damage to targets within Mind Sear Range of the primary target

Row 9
Malediction - Fiending Dark - Deathspeaker - Dark Ascension - Void Torrent - Dark Void - Derangement - Monomania - Ancient Madness
Malediction - Now reduces cooldown of Damnation by 15/30 seconds and generates an additional 1/2 Surges of Darkness.
Dark Ascension - Cooldown reduced to 1 min. Now instant cast and off gcd. Generates 30 insanity and resets cooldown of Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Death, and Damnation. Allows you to cast spells more quickly for 10 seconds (reduces base gcd to 1 second).
Void Torrent - Now generates 3 coalescing shadows and 60 insanity over its duration
Dark Void - Cooldown removed, insanity generation reduced
Derangement - Now causes shadowy apparitions to travel more quickly. Devouring Plague now summons 2 apparitions to attack the target.

Row 10
Idol of Ysharaaj - Idol of Yogg Saron - Idol of Cthun - Idol of Nzoth
Idol of Yogg Saron - Now causes Shadow Word: Death to summon a Living Shadow for 5 seconds. The Living Shadow duplicates your Mind Spike and Mind Blast casts at reduced effectiveness.
Idol of Cthun - Now spawns a tentacle when you cast Devouring Plague.


Edit: After receiving some good feedback from jaerv on the shadow discord I repathed the tree a bit.

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would still take out silence and dispersion, this should be baseline no talents shadow priest if they refuse to put it in class tree.


Oh I know. It was a design constraint. I assume Blizzard will make the wrong choice after that last blue post.


@Mystakai I love your creativity and how deep you go into developing ideas. I don’t possess your talent for that, but I share your hopes that Blizzard would add some kind of identity to the Idols that alter our gameplay (at least in some subtle way). Unfortunately, I also share your acknowledgement that the last Blue post on priests did not sound promising enough to bank any real expectation of change before launch.

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My wish List.

More cohesive rework. (I want a more fluid class and spec, i don’t want to be stuck in the past).

  • More impactful talents.

  • Less power spread into a single few talents – like the Controversial Twink peak & Power Infusion

  • Priest should be able to tap onto both sides, light and dark. The spec itself will segregate how much influence of each side gets. With Disc being the medium, Holy having less shadow, shadow having less light. This does not mean to remove completely.

    • I think shadowmend should stay, maybe rework is called for.
    • Flash heal should stay within all specs, but should regain more power.
    • I think its important for standard priest spells to feel impactful. you can’t expect flash heal to have agency if shadowmend is removed and flash heal hit you like a wet noodle.
  • Remove the WALLS please and reduce the 2 points. Too many unimpactful 2 point talents and walls.

  • better capstones for class trees and spec trees (especially shadow).

  • Way better talent positions for shadow. The flow has been cut off with this positioning.

  • Shadow spec is focusing way too many resources /talents on the Mindspike and mind blast fantasy, leaving the other fantasies to die out. Reduce Greatly, stop spreading pointless talents around this theme. REDUCE and CONDENSE.

  • Devourplague is the First ability and the main spender, give it way more agency. Why is there not one good talent for this spell? Why is shadow orbs not empowering this spell?

  • If shadow remains immobile (especially after losing greater fade), i would like better defense.

  • throes of pain is not a 2 point spender. Cut that Poop out plz.
    *body and soul / Angelic feather. Put them as a choice between the two. and make something else. Be more creative.
    *There are a lot of irrelevant blockades for Shadow on the holy path in the class tree.

  • You give me two talents for mass dispel, but i can’t remove bubble or block. And you made it cost more mana than live, Why? This spell no longer has any interest or desire for grab now as a shadow priest.

  • The fade talents suck, remove or rework.

  • wish shackle undead wasn’t in the way.

  • void tentacle cc needs to be Clicked to drop or it will remain bad.

  • Divine star or Halo, Idk why this is in the way for shadow. again more stuff shadow won’t touch.

    • At least is not as bad as Unwavering will. TBH there both just as bad.
  • Inspiration makes me uninspired to select as shadow ever.

  • IDK why Tickle warding is a choice between Blessed recovery now. I guess one will always remain irrelevant. I like it how it was before.

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  1. I would love to see them give you a talent that removes insanity and void form. Instead move back to shadow orbs, have it where our spells build the orbs and you can have up to 5 at one time. You then spend 3 orbs at a time on empowered void spells. Such as void bolt for single target and void storm for reticle targeted AOE. Have spells generate a steady amount of orbs and give a talent that shadow apparitions have a 10% or 20% chance to generate an orb to give us a little RNG to generate a few more orbs for some more interesting gameplay. (Tuning as needed.)

Shadow priests in my opinion have become so convoluted.

  1. In addition we are shadow priests, masters of shadow. We should have Voidwalkers, not some tiny aberration that has had varying degrees of use or purpose through out the many expansions. Concerned about the other specs? Give them a light elemental.

  2. Shadow Word Death should be adjusted to be more like the Monk classes death touch. I don’t know about you guys but too often SWD seemed more like Shadow Word: Tickle. It is ridiculous! It should end whatever you point it at, sure maybe ours will cost 20% maximum health, or some other aspect but it should kill the target when they meet the threshold without question.

That is my humble opinion of wishlist items. I hate seeing that they are double downing on void form and insanity. I have hated that play style since it was introduced, but that is just me.


My wishlist:

  1. Do something about disc mana issues in M+. For example, bring back fish feasts that get back mana fast when you drink. That will cause no issues when raiding, so what is the problem.
  2. Make one of the priest healer specs meta. I like my priests and want to heal keys on them.
  3. Make disc, the damage healer, do good damage.
  4. Make it that nothing priests need to do their best damage or healing is only available raiding as is the case with trinkets like Resonant Reservoir. Some of us dont have access to Mythic raiding and we dont want to sell our souls to raid leads and GMs. A fair number of them are not nice people and not only that, lack any real brain power.

My new wishlist For next week.

  • More agency for Devouring plague.
    • Make shadow Orbs buff Devour plague.
  • Move Void Torrent away from its bad position.
  • reduce the walls
  • our endcaps are still bad, need to be improved.
  • Class tree talents feel pretty lame for shadow still.
    • some talents there shouldn’t even be there anymore – example Holy nova - just remove.
  • Most important one RETURN BACK SP’s HEALING. The nerf we got form losing shadowmend and Maso is HUGE and unenjoyable in pvp combat.

It’s been a while since I made a full breakdown post. I still dream that shadow will be enjoyable again.

Tier 1
Devouring Plague

  1. Damage of Devouring Plague increased.

Dispersion - Shadowy Apparitions - Silence

  1. Dispersion now has Intangibility built in. Mental Fortitude has been removed.

Unfurling Darkness - Coalescing Shadows - Last Word/Psychic Horror

  1. Coalescing is now in the new second mandatory slot created by the latest tree structure.

Misery/Dark Void - Mind Sear - Shadowform/Void Eruption

  1. Dark Ascension has been removed.
  2. Voidform now gives ramping haste.
  3. Mind Sear damage increased and insanity cost reduced.

Tier 2
Shadowy Insight - Harnessed Shadows - Auspicious Spirits/Tormented Spirits - Shadow Crash - Void Bolt

  1. Void Bolt replaces Mind Spike. Void Bolt is a 1.5 second cast which costs 100 insanity. Each time Mind Flay deals damage, the insanity cost of Void Bolt is reduced by 10 stacking 10 times.

  2. Shadowy Insight is no long an RPPM. It procs more with more DoT ticks and more targets.

Mental Decay - Shadowy Recall - Whispers of the Damned - Maddening Touch - Puppet Master - Mind Melt - Surge of Darkness

  1. Shadowy Recall grants a chance for SWP and VT to tick twice when they deal damage.
  2. Whispers of the Damned and Maddening Touch are both unexciting enough to be worth 1 point only.
  3. Mind Melt no longer reduces the cast time of Mind Blast. It only provides 25% crit chance to Mind Blast after casting Void Bolt stacking 2 times.
  4. Surge of Darkness gives Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague a chance to make your next Void Bolt instant and cost no insanity while in Shadowform(this does not consume the cost reduction effect of Mind Flay).
  5. While in Voidform, Void Bolt is instant and generates insanity instead of costing insanity, but it has a 5 second cooldown.

Dark Evangelism - Insidious Ire - Psychic Link

  1. Insidious Ire effect reduced by 50%

Tier 3

MFI - Encroaching Shadows - VoiT/Damnation - Mindbender - Deathspeaker

  1. Encroaching Shadows now causes Shadowy Apparitions to travel faster. Instead of increasing damage for Mind Sear and Devouring Plague, it causes Mind Sear to generate an apparition to damage each target that is hit by Mind Sear. It also causes Devouring Plague to generate 3 additional spirits to damage the primary target of Devouring Plague.

Screams of the Void - Mind Devourer - Malediction - Inescapable Torment
No Changes

Cthun - Nzoth - Yshaaraj - Yogg Saron

  1. Cthun is now a 20 second hasted ICD. Spawns are guaranteed.
  2. Nzoth now detonates all stacks if the target dies or the stack count reaches 10.
  3. Yogg Saron now activates the buff formerly known as Dark Ascension when you cast Shadow Word: Death during execute or during a deathspeaker proc. It also increases the execute range of Shadow Word: Death to 35%.

That is all.


For pvp I hope they buff up our power word radiance and single target heals. Our attonement heals are pretty good.
Disc priests should get silence like a priests do
And why the F are priests always oom

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Edit: original pathing

This is another full writeup based on all feedback floating about. This was inspired by the Shadow Word: Podcast which Publik organized. I believe this is the Shadow we all deserve. More Spirits please!

Tier 1

Devouring Plague

  1. No Changes

Dispersion - Shadowy Apparitions - Silence

  1. Dispersion now has Intangibility built in.
  2. Shadowy Apparitions are now also triggered by Shadow Word: Death during execute or Deathspeaker procs.

Unfurling Darkness - Coalescing Shadows - Psychic Horror/Last Word

  1. Coalescing Shadows now empower Devouring Plague instead of Mind Blast and Mind Spike.
  2. Edit:. Unfurling darkness now causes vampiric touch to apply to an additional target on a 15 second cd instead of proccing an instant vampiric touch.

Misery/Dark Void - Void Apparitions - Shadowform/Void Eruption

  1. Dark Void now has no cooldown, costs 10 Insanity and applies Shadow Word: Pain to an uncapped number of targets.
  2. Void Apparitions causes Shadowy Apparitions to explode on impact for Uncapped AoE damage. Edit: Only affects apparitions summoned by Devouring Plague casts.
  3. Voidform provides stacking haste to a hard cap but no flat damage increase. Voidform is extended by spending insanity. Voidform is balanced to be the superior damage option in any long fights where you can maximize extension. Shadowform fills all the gaps in content where voidform struggled during previous ramp iterations.

Tier 2

Shadow Crash - Harnessed Shadows - Shadowy Insight - Mental Decay - Void Bolt

  1. Shadow Crash now has a hasted cooldown again.
  2. Shadowy Insight is no longer an RPPM but is a flat percentage proc to allow scaling on multiple targets.
  3. Mental Decay now causes Shadowy Apparitions to generate 1 insanity on impact and extend Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch duration by 1 second.
  4. Void Bolt is instant and costs 30 insanity. Each tick of Mind Flay generates one stack of a buff which, at 10 stacks, will cause Void Bolt to instead generate some insanity and have no cost.

Maddening Touch - Psychic Link - Shadowy Recall - Shadow Orbs - Puppet Master - Surge of Darkness - Mind Melt

  1. Psychic Link now affects Mind Blast, Void Bolt, and Mind Flay.
  2. Shadowy Recall provides a chance for Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch to tick twice.
  3. Shadow Orbs provide a 15% chance per Coalescing Shadow consumed to generate a Shadowy Insight proc.
  4. Surge of Darkness has a different effect depending on whether you selected Void Eruption or Shadowform. In shadowform, it causes Devouring Plague and Vampiric Touch damage to have a chance to make Void Bolt free stacking up to 3 times. In Voidform, it causes Void Bolt to become free, but gives it a 5 second cooldown.
  5. Mind Melt provides 25% increased crit chance to your next Mind Blast or Shadow Word: Death, stacking 2 times. It does not reduce cast time.

Tormented Spirits - Insidious Ire - Auspicious Spirits

  1. Edit: Auspicious Spirits now provides a 50/100% chance to summon an additional apparition to attack the primary target of your spells which generate apparitions.

Tier 3

Encroaching Shadows - Mind Flay: Insanity - Damnation/Void Torrent - Mindbender - Deathspeaker

  1. Encroaching Shadows now causes Devouring Plague to summon twice as many Shadowy Apparitions instead of increasing initial damage. It also causes Shadowy Apparitions to travel faster.

Mind Devourer - Screams of the Void - Malediction - Inescapable Torment - Pain of Death

  1. Edit: Screams of the Void is now applied by Mind Flay: Insanity, Void Torrent, and Void Tentacle at increased effectiveness. Regular mind flay still provides the current buff.
  2. Pain of Death now increases execute range of Shadow Word: Death by 15% at 2 points to line up with the 35% twist of fate range. It no longer provides cleave as Shadow Word: Death spawns apparitions by default. It still increases Shadow Word: Death damage.

Nzoth - Cthun - Ysharaaj - Yogg Saron

  1. Nzoth no longer has a chance to detonate stacks. Stacks detonate automatically if the target dies or the stack count reaches 5.

  2. Cthun tentacles are now summoned automatically after concluding a Mind Flay: Insanity or Void Torrent channel. They are also summoned by casting Damnation. The tentacles no longer generate insanity; instead, they deal single target damage and apply screams of the void.

  3. Yogg Saron now summons your living shadow to cast a fully empowered shadow word: death on your target after you have cast 13 spells which generate shadowy apparitions (critical strikes count as 2 spells). The backlash damage is dealt to the living shadow.

  4. Edit: Ysharaaj adjusted to fill the role of 1 min cooldown previously occupied by Dark Ascension.