Share your new character customization!

Today is the pre-patch, which brings all the awesome new character customizations. What did you change about your character and why? Share pics if you want!

Arialynn (Human): I’ve always wanted a battle braid for female humans. Unfortunately, didn’t get one this time around… but she traditionally cuts her hair short at the beginning of the war campaign and one of the new short cuts has a braid on one side so… progress! She’s also going a tinsy bit grayer because girl is pushing 38 and has been at war for a while. She’ll also finally have her actual eye color I imagined and I can age her face just a bit without being stuck on features that just don’t match my image of her.

Idella (Worgen): Going to give her more reddish fur + red eyes in worgen form and no longer have a separate human toon just to keep her curly hair look. Her human version will have freckles and also reddish eyes, a hint to the wolf within.

Anarial (Night Elf): Leaves. So many leaves. And crescent moons. And a more savage face. And keeping the night warrior eyes. Once Tyrande calls for blood again, ready to answer. Darnassus will be avenged.

(No pics yet because it’s still hours away from the server going up. But I’ve had these updates planned for months!)

What are yours?


I’m finally gonna be pretty.

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Love the planning! Looking forward to seeing all of your character changes in-game.

For me, I’m excited that I can finally turn Jarrick into the woman he was meant to be. Though now that I think about it I guess that’s been Kanta’s thing for years now so maybe I’ll have to get a little more original…

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what changes I’ll make to Jarrick. I haven’t dug deep into the customization previews that are available online yet so I’ll have to explore all of them firsthand once the servers are back up.

That said, I know that I’ll for sure be making a Wildhammer Dwarf. Looking forward to finally fulfilling that 15+ year dream.

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Yes, Kanta/Fanta, the Ranma of Earthen Ring, will make their glorious return in Shadowlands.


I haven’t checked out the customization options yet, so probably going to be spending the first hour in the barbershop debating how fabulous I can get myself.

Which is already fabulous but why not go for Maximum Fab?

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