Shards of Domination Tuning Incoming

Hello! What is shard of cor? Can I put this in a regular socket?

lol at all of you paying beta testers

I’m getting kind of tired of seeing these words. Can’t we just go back to talents, gear, enchants, etc? Why do we need all these expansion-only ‘systems’ that only work within one two-year cycle?

I miss glyphs, though.


Do you guys put any thought at all into this crap? Are you just winging it? At least tell me you’re winging it, so I can justify this terrible expansion as the bare minimum effort over say, your best effort being this bad.

This should have been sorted out months ago, NOW you’re adjusting this?


Are you also going to tune them to work with pets finally? That’d be a neat bug fix.


Cut them some slack they only had 9 months.


I think they fixed that today.

Least that’s what I hear.


Yeap… how they ever thought making something you have to empower RNG was ok i’ll never understand.

I’ve no idea what the legendary bows drop rate is, but i imagine that too will be nothing but a source of dissapointment all patch.

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Man I hope so, but with all the new bugs that popped up today all over the place, I’m hard pressed to believe anymore.


They will get progressively more powerful everytime Ion sucks in a raid and needs a personal power boost. Just look at what he did to Sludgefist when he got stuck there, suddenly the stomp was half the size because they couldn’t keep it from hitting the pillar lol.


Hey, a blue. Can you guys maybe address the 1k+ topic in the arena forums? No?

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Blizzard no longer even attempts to make it look like they engage with the community. The only time blues show up is to dispense information. They aren’t looking for feedback, they aren’t trying to understand or alleviate player concerns.


But… but… they only had 8 months!

I’m with you there. This system, the new legendary system both… :woman_shrugging:

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Thank you. It’s nice to get info about changes to gear well in advance.


Lets be real here.

You can’t attach an artificial 5-7 month power progression system to things like talents and and enchants. And the gear already has an established cadence to it they can only fudge by hiding some extremely bad RNG in the acquisition process. ( dropping gear for lego and domination slots from the vault. )

These systems take the place of long XP grinds to improve performance.

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Why does there need to be more power that leads to more toxic gatekeeping of people out of content? Why can’t you just do an ICC debuff on the raids if you want to make them easier over time?

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Oh boy!

Since this book will never be finished did George RR give permission for Blizz to ruin that plot too?

This expansion looks more and more like the BFA cluster-F with every day. I can’t believe it lol

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You want to make things more useful? Increase drop rates of loot in the new raid, mounts in general, etc. I just did the Escaped Wilderling thinking I would get the mount…makes sense as only NF can start it, we’re TAMING IT, we’d get the mount right? Hahaha I’m an idiot. All I got out of my box was a few 5 anima tokens and a piece of plate shoulders…woohoo CRAP that I can’t even USE!!!

Oh one more thing; LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERBASE FOR ONCE. We TELL you what we want, what would make things better, yet you (Blizzard) CONTINUE to ignore us and instead force those of us who play to play what YOU want us to play, not what we ask for…

No wonder people are leaving to go to Final Fantasy XIV Online; at least they listen to their players…


What? You don’t enjoy beta testing their patches for them after they go live?