Sharding is EVIL

Sharding has been a good thing and a bad thing but yesterday it became a nightmare thing! Superbloom almost finished, purple bag about to be awarded when BAM the tree disappears and suddenly your “NEW” superbloom is still back behind you not even to the green bag stage and very much not done.

You shrug and say ah well and go to plant a seed. It’s nicely growing and fully contributed when BAM it’s just… gone.

Add this to a day some time ago when we finally found Greenbeard (an extremely difficult rare) in Nazmir only to have him vanish when we were in the midst of killing him. Goodbye pet!

I must say I’m not a big fan of sharding. It’s nice when we’re all packed together with Moonguard and Wyrmrest Accord to have them suddenly all leave, but right in the middle of events is not particularly great timing. Is there a reason we had all that sharding? It wasn’t like we were over-populated on a quiet Friday afternoon.


Probably a huge group zoned in all at once, so they kicked other people to accommodate. It really sucks when you’re fighting a rare you’ve been waiting for for hours and it just disappears. Happens a lot, and you’d think by now they would have figured out how to fix that.


Yesterday I was shifted from busy shards to nearly empty ones twice during the last phase of the superbloom. Planting seeds feels like rolling the dice given the number of times I’ve been shifted to another shard right as the seed is blooming.

Add a temporary flag to players that are engaged in an event. Or do something else. Regardless of what you decide, please fix it. Sharding can be beneficial, but it has on numerous occasions ruined pretty much every outdoor event you’ve added this expansion.

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