Shard Bene like you did Sargeras

Thank you.

The irony being is he has done this to others before with the LMGTFY link.

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I use it when it’s appropriate, I don’t use it as a deflection method when I simply can’t explain things myself, which is how the OP’s using it.

I thought you let it go at this point.

I don’t care if they offer shards. I just want the ability to transfer BACK to Benediction for free after the playerbase dies in a couple of months.

Blizzard won’t do this though. They’re holding my character hostage. They want me to take the “free transfer” off of benediction then pay $25 to transfer back to the server.

They make more money by having players transfer off Benediction then back to Benediction when their server dies in a couple of months.

I figure you’re always going to have some players that say screw it and quit. But maybe that’s not as high as the transfer money.

Granted I was out of town for launch but even since I’ve managed to play about an hour of Wrath. Logged in around 3 today, still shows 6+ hours left. I know queues exist for a reason, mega server etc etc… but this is just crazy…

Blizzard has already confirmed retail and classic servers have the same population cap.

Sharding is for zone by zone population to reduce lag/competition.

Sharding would only work if people too transfers off benediction and were told that they will still be able to group with fiends from benediction.

People don’t care about stacking a mega realm in retail because the entire game is cross realm so the main advantage, a large player pool, extends to everyone at all times.

There’s just no way this can be true, come on man :man_facepalming:

It was explicit in their long blue post here:

Why do you find it hard to believe when both classic and retail are run on the retail base client and the same server hardware? Wouldn’t it be weird if they were different despite the client and hardware being the same?

Here is a blue snippet from that thread:

“ The issue we have here is also an issue on certain modern realms such as Illidan and Tichondrius when new expansions are released. They have the same realm caps we have. This is purely a perception thing, we are using the same hardware, and backend infrastructure for both games.”

People are very much against sharding, when the original Vanilla Classic demo was out during BlizzCon people lost their minds because the demo had the retail sharding. But in any case, Blizzard has even said that neither sharding nor layering actually does anything to impact the total capacity a server can take, and those systems are aimed to address zone overpopulation.

From someone who plays on Illidan on retail, queues are quite literally not a solved problem on retail. They’re not nearly as bad as Classic, but I’d guess that falls more on the fact that there’s just far more realms that players are spread out on, and people aren’t afraid to transfer to “dead” realms because 99% of the live game can be played cross-server.

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Benediction most definitely has more players than Sargeras.

I mean, Blizzard “says” a lot of things :joy:

All I know is we’re going on over 1+ month of issues with constant long queues/queue times in WoTLK and it’s still bad…

From what I remember recently, the issue of queue times in retail has never dragged on for more than say, a week or so :thinking:

  • Legion: buttery smooth launch despite huge influx of players/huge hype, no queues
  • BFA: ditto
  • Shadowlands: alright, I’ll concede that the first week to week-and-a-half had queues on 1 or 2 of the “mega” servers, but it quickly died down and went back to no queue

I’ve never heard of there being huge queue times consistently for like 5-6 weeks in retail, occasionally (like with Shadowlands) there’s queues in the very first week or so - but that’s about it

I dunno man, it just seems like the retail servers have more “capacity” or something. The notion that “it’s just a perception thing” seems disproven by high pop retail servers rarely having queues even on launch day, compared to Classic servers having almost 24/7 queue times for 30+ days now


A few things:

Retail has over 70 connected realm clusters so people are more spread out.

And the most important thing people in retail don’t feel forced to flock to a mega server, it’s a leftover concept from the old days.

Anyone from any server can play with those people from Illidan, Tich, A52, etc., from any other server. Why bother transferring when the entire game is cross realm and you have the entire playerbase as a possible person to play with?

You don’t have to stack 1 server to play with the better raiders/PvPers/mythic+ runners like in classic. You get to play with everyone.

You can get pug groups for anything from any server at any time virtually. The mega servers don’t offer a player pool bonus that they do in classic. There is no real incentive to stack a server to play with people.

So the masses don’t care.

Ok you got me, but Area 52 has the same if not more. Sooo🤷‍♂️ Howd you enjoy that isle camping lol

its 1 am on bene still a queue, and the open world is dead, something doesnt add up

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Yeah because network engineers don’t play World of Warcraft. Hot take champ.

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You do know the no changes group was against layering too, right? Bliz just did it anyways.

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Daily reminder to get blizzards sack out of your throat. Also how dumb do you look believing technology around servers has not advanced in 15 years.

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