Shammy, Rogue, HPal

Ele Shammy, Sub Rogue, HPal Looking for Weekday Raiding guild M-Th. Pref times are between 8pm est-1am est. Completely open to xfer servers if needed. Mainly looking for a trial to see how people fit. We are all 7/10H looking for a CE Minded Guild but mainly looking to push into mythic Raiding.


**Guild & Server:**Verified [H] Illidan
Raid Times/Days: Mon/thurs 9-12 pm EST (farm on tuesday nights later) Current Progression: 2/10M 10/10H (CE NYA)
Recruitment Contacts: Spooncooker#11269 , SunnyGuy#1780 Application:
Requirements: A positive attitude and a mindset too invest the same amount of effort as the other raiders in the team
Needs: High demand for Healers of any kind and warlocks/hunters

My guild just split from another guild so we could continue progressing. We’re 4/10 Heroic (just downed Inerva last night as our first night as a full team), and we should be on Council partway through Monday.

We raid Monday and Tuesday from 9PM-12PM EST if that works for you guys. Gives us a whole week to gear up between raid nights if we need it (but mostly it just fits our work schedules).

We’re pretty relaxed but focused when it’s time to down bosses. We do a lot of joking around on trash packs and between boss pulls.

If you want to talk more, hit me up on BNet Spammalanche#1851.


Hey there, Cows! Everything fits but we raid Sundays. :frowning:

I’m Nyoki and I’m the recruitment officer for Good Game of Mal’Ganis. We, as a raid group, have been playing together since the end of Wrath and have always fully cleared progression with Cutting Edge. We’ve recently made the move to Mal’Ganis, horde, after over a decade of being Alliance (Kel’Thuzad and Stormrage).

We find the only thing that keeps us playing is those in which we’ve played with for a long time. We consider our guild a family. A large, dysfunctional, family. We are currently finalizing the right CE team to take on Shadowlands and would love to talk to you about joining our band of miscreants. :slight_smile:

Feel free to read through the spam below and add my Real ID if you have any questions.

Hope to hear from you!

Nyoki the Insane
(BNet: Nyoki#11232, Discord: Nyoki#8886)

The leadership of Good Game have been playing together for multiple years and have had a successful career at not only leading end game content but have excelled at progression and staying competitive. We were formed originally on Kel’thuzad and made our way to Stormrage Alliance from WoD on forward. We finally made the hordian plunge recently and made our way here to Mal’Ganis. Although we may be new to the realm, we’ve been playing together mostly since Cataclysm.

We are currently recruiting skilled and dedicated individuals who believe they have what it takes to be top of the line players. The majority of us are older seasoned players who tend to thrive in that type of environment. We as a guild understand that it takes all kinds of individuals to make a guild successful and thus we would like to encourage all players that feel they are ready for our raid to apply. We welcome not only polished and experienced individuals but also players that simply have not discovered their true potential.

Raid Schedule
Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday 9:00PM-12:00AM CST (ST)

Current Progression
1/10M - Castle Nathria
9/10H - Castle Nathria

Previous Progression
BFA - 12/12M - Ny’alotha, the Waking City
Legion - EN (7/7M), ToV (2/3M), Nighthold (10/10M), TOS (9/9M), Antorus (11/11M)
WOD - Highmaul(7/7M), BRF(10/10M), and Hellfire Citadel(13/13/M)
MOP - MV(6/6H), HOF (6/6H), TOES (4/4H), TOT (13/13H), SoO (14/14M)
Cataclysm - BWD (6/6H), BOT (5/5H), TOFW (2/2H), Firelands (7/7H) and DS(8/8H)

Ranged DPS - (Open) (HIGH: Hunters, Warlock, Mage)
Melee DPS (Open) (HIGH: UH DK, WW Monk, Warrior)
Healer (High)
Tank (High)

We are looking to recruit several players for a 100% raid spot. Regardless of the status of your class in the above list, we encourage all exceptional players to apply. If you can outperform a current raider and not die to easy mechanics, you will take their spot.

Contact Information
Nyoki: BNet: Nyoki#11232, Discord: Nyoki#8886

Hey there - we are an 8/10H guild looking for some exceptional DPS/1 healer to fill out our remaining roster (raid times are tues/thurs 8-1pm est)

Good afternoon mate! If swapping to emerald Dream-alliance is a possibility, our guild junction would love to had you to our main raid team! There’s plenty to do in our guild, whether it’s pvp, mythic +, raids, transmog runs, or just socialize! I’ll post the guild info below and feel free to message me!

What you can expect from us as a guild:

A sense of community and direction! Communication!
Strong & passionate leadership!
Overall friendly environment suited for all skill levels!

The raid team is currently 8/10H Castle Nathria. However, we are looking for more members that would like to venture into mythic raiding. More specifically, we’re looking for the following;

1 potential tank for raid (current spots full atm but always need tanks for mythic plus/pvp) any Mythic minded DPS
1 mythic minded healer (disc priest or h paladin preferred)

While we’re happy to accept anyone, these are the roles we need specifically for our raid team at the moment. Current raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 7:30p-10:30p CST (server time)

We also do the following:

PvP (BGs and Arenas)
Mythic+ Pushing (+10’s and higher) Achievement Runs
Old Raid
Transmog Runs
Alt Leveling

How to apply: If you would like to apply and have any further inquiries/questions, please reach out to me via BattleTag: Professoroak#1732 or Discord: Elitefourlance#5703

We appreciate your time and interest. Hope to hear from you soon

Could use all three! Check out our post and feel free to hit me up if you’re interested

[H] Shady Acres - 1/10M - LFM DPS + 1x H. Paladin - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (

Guild: - Illidan

Faction: Horde

Current Progression: 10/10 N - 8/10 H

Raid Times: Tuesday + Thursday (Progression); Sunday (Logs, Mythic+, Guild Meetings) from 8 - 11 pm server (9 pm - Midnight EST)

Who are we? The Plague is a community of WoW players ranging from casual levelers to high-end M+, PvP, and C.E. raiders. We are currently recruiting new members to continue to develop our Raid teams as well as continue to expand our growing community. We are LGBTQ+ friendly and have a very strict policy on no racism/sexism. As we are a newer guild we still have a lot of opportunities to grow, which is not only the focus for the guild but our players as well. In the few months we have formed with this mindset, we have developed an experienced team of leaders and are seeking more members to play at a higher level with us.

What do we offer?

  • Support for newer players to the game.
  • A guild for anyone of any skill level with an active discord!
  • An opportunity to grow in a team setting.
  • A chance to become a class leader which allows you to share your knowledge with other players about their class.
  • An opportunity to find a forever home for yourself and your friends.

What are we looking for at the moment? (Just because we are looking for specifics does not mean we are not open to Trialing all members who apply)

  • Ranged DPS
  • Any Exceptional Melee DPS/Healers
  • Team 2 is currently looking for all roles at the moment. Please contact us if you are interested in being on our secondary roster.

Sounds great! But how can I go about seeking you guys out? Feel free to reach out to us at the following.

  • Recruiting officers * Davik#9296 (Discord)/ Davik#1538 (Btag) Contact either way
  • Guild Master: Drew#4814 (Discord)(Best way to reach out to me) / Zapp#1264 (Bnet)

Hey we might be a great fit for all of you! We are trying to solidify our roster as we finish heroic and look towards Mythic. If we peak your interest shoot me message on discord DaBeez#3343

Hey Cows,

We currently have available raid spots for all 3 of you.

If you are looking for a new guild to kill some bosses and have fun, come talk to us in Fragment! Our current progression sits at 10/10H and 2/10M. We currently are in the stages of a restructure, so if getting CE quickly is a goal for you we may not be the right fit.

All are always recruiting players with the right skill sets & headspace.

Current recruitment needs:
Hunter: Medium
Mage: Medium
Paladin: Ret: Low, Tank:Low, Holy: High
Warlock: Medium
Priest: Disc: Low, Holy: Low, Shadow: Medium
Druid: Tank: Medium, Boomkin: High, Resto: Low, Feral: Medium
DH: Tank: Medium, Dps: High
DK: Tank: Low, Dps: Medium
Shaman: Resto:High, Ele: Medium, Enhance: Medium
Monk: Tank:High, Dps: Low, MW: Low
Rogue: Medium
Warrior: Tank: High, Dps: High

Progression Raiding Schedule 8:00-12:00 EST (Inv starting at 7:30)
Tuesday(Prog) - Wednesday (Prog)- Thursday(Clean up/alts runs)

We take a few days off after Progression.
Decisions in this guild are always made with the goal of achieving the right atmosphere and pushing to get CE.

-If this sounds appealing to you please feel free to contact us.
-You can also fill out an application at: h ttps://
Discord: (Guildlead)Tracy#7543, (GM)Demonslayerl#4843
Bnet: Tray#1125, Tommy#1664

[A]Stormrage 8/10H

Tues & Wed 8-12 EST are raid times

Would love to talk with ya!


Yo we’re 4/10M group on Tich (Horde) reforming after old guild added a day to raid schedule and we didn’t want to stick to that schedule. Raid times are tues/wed 8-11est. Core group has cutting edge exp, but on a more casual 2 night schedule now. Message me if interested. bnet Ravie#1184, discord Johnny#7965

Heya, you can check us out we do need a few more people.


Raid Schedule:
Total of (EST) 6-9 hours a week.

  • Monday 10pm-1am Heroic Night
  • Tuesday 10pm-1am
  • Wednesday 10pm-1am

About Us:
Group of veteran raiders who no longer have the time nor desire to push 5-6 days of raiding, and know we can achieve the same amount of success along with fulfilling our real-life responsibilities on a lighter schedule. While we hold each other accountable to the standard we are looking to maintain, we also maintain a fun, light-hearted atmosphere in and out of raid to fully maximize the time we have together.

*Application Requirements:

• Have a strong raid history of Mythics.

• Competitive Mythic Logs and/or PoV Videos from this tier or prior.

• Willing to receive criticism and ask questions to improve/seek help to solve problems that you might be having.

• Internally motivated to dedicate the time outside of raid to actively improve your play.

• Strong understanding that your DPS/HPS output matters less than mechanical skill & consistency.

• Since we raid on a limited schedule, it is extremely important that you maintain near perfect attendance.

Please ask for the Discord link below and fill out our very short application form and we will get back to you. Feel free to message an officer on discord if you have any questions.

Guild Master: Nekrotik || Nekrotik#1782 (btag) || Nekrophiliak#2901 (discord)
Recruitment: Tryg || Matthew#1470 (bteg) ||TRYG#0854 (discord)

Small Indie Company - Mal’Ganis Horde

Mission Statement

Small Indie Company is built of players who are tired of the standard drama and issues most guilds bring to the table, while also having experience in leadership positions from multiple different guilds. Our main goal is to build a raid team of players who enjoy playing together while pushing cutting edge content in the World of Warcraft.


Currently we’re in the process of building and recruiting. We understand this WILL take time, which means for the current raid tier that our expectations will be more forgiving than we would normally.


We are currently accepting most applications to create our community. Anyone interested in raiding will go through a trial and if meeting the requirements and with excellent attendance will become core raiders.

Raid Times:
Tuesday (progression)
Wednesday (progression)
Monday (farm/optional)
Times 8:00 to 11:00 EST


If you’re interested in raiding with Small Indie Company you’ll have core expectations that MUST be met to keep a spot in our raid team.

  • Current gear
    • You’ll be expected to keep your characters as geared as possible in current content.
  • Current enchants/gems
  • Current consumables
  • Competitive Performance
    • We’d like to keep a competitive atmosphere in our raid group to ensure the success of the raid team.
  • Flexibility
    • Being able to raid extended hours during progression weeks.
    • Being ready to swap into raid if currently sitting out during progression.
  • Attendance
    • Be prepared and in the raid by start time.
    • Progression: Mandatory
    • Farm: 80% Required


Contact us either on our or Discord. Message myself, oPaulie, first. I will respond to you promptly, and if I do not respond then contact SNrichter.

Guild Master
Bnet: Sylint#11747
Discord: SNrichter#6156

Recruitment Officer
Bnet: oPaulie#1794

Discord: oPaulie#0607

For your consideration! We are a newly reformed guild that aims to get into mythic raiding as soon as we solidify and gear up our roster. In the mean time we are organizing Heroic CN runs during our normal raid times (Thurs/Mon 8-11pm EST). I’d love to talk more. My contact info can be found here:é-disco-is-newly-reformed-thursmon-8-11pm-est/825023

Hey there!
Our raid times might be…too late… for you and your friends but if not please reach out!

Raid Times
Monday : 10:00pm-1:00am CST
Tuesday: 10:00pm-1:00am CST
Thursday: 10:00pm-1:00am CST

Current Progress:

Required Addons
RCLootCouncil (for tradable loot)
Exorsus Raid Tools (notes, etc)
Weak Auras

-Every decision made from leadership will be for the success of the guild not an individual.
-Show up 15 mins early ready to go for each raid night so that we can pull at raid time.
-In depth fight knowledge: Know the responsibility of your class/role before stepping into each encounter. This will give us the best chance of success. Preparation outside of raid is what accelerates progression during raid time and lowers pull counts .

Our Loot Policy
When an item drops during the raid, if the piece is eligible to be traded, the loot will be distributed by loot council. BOEs belong to the player and they can use, sell, donate as they wish.



This Form is private

Current Needs:
Death Knight (UH)
Shadow Priest
Exceptional dps players

If you feel you are an exceptional player please feel free to app, no matter your current class.

Contact me if you have any questions.
BNET: Scuttles#1976
DISCORD: Scuttles#3311

Hey there!

I see your group is looking for a new raid team to call home. Currently we have recruitment open for all of your guys listed class/specialization combinations. If you think we are a good fit and the times work out, please reach out to us and have a great day!


Who Are We

[Supremum] is a group of returning World of Warcraft veterans who have completed Cutting Edge, Ahead of the Curve and multiple Keystone Master achievements. We are longtime players of the game for almost a decade or more looking to build a fresh team for the Shadowlands expansion. Our Discord chat is lively with various topics from theorycrafting to topics appropriate for our name. We have pushed progression throughout various expansions and are looking to add more solid and committed raiders and high mythic key runners to our roster to build a community of like-minded players for the castle nathria raid tier and beyond.

Raid Times

Raid times will be on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9pm to 12am EST. We run M+ keys outside of raid time.

Applicant Requirements

  • A minimum of 90% attendance is required to stay on the active raid roster.

  • Logs of your previous raid experience or raider[dot]io, preferably from the most current Tier.

  • Completion of a weekly Mythic+ of the current gear cap (+10/+15) for maximum gearing opportunities.

  • A functioning headset with mic.

Guild Recruitment Needs

Role (Damage) Spec Offspec. Need
Death Knight Unholy Blood High
Hunter Marksmanship - High
Warlock Affliction - High
Druid Balance Restoration High
Monk Windwalker Brewmaster High
Mage Fire - Medium
Shaman Elemental Restoration Medium
Priest Shadow Holy Medium
Rogue Outlaw Subtlety Medium
Role (Tank) Spec Offspec. Need
Paladin Protection Any High
Monk Brewmaster Any High
Demon Hunter Vengeance Havoc High
Death Knight Blood Unholy High
Role (Healing) Spec Offspec. Need
Paladin Holy Retribution Medium
Priest Discipline Shadow Medium
Priest Holy Shadow Medium
Druid Restoration Balance Medium
Shaman Elemental Restoration Medium
Monk Mistweaver Windwalker Medium

We are looking for Exceptional Applicants in the selected roles shown above. Even if you are not listed above but still feel you are an Exceptional Applicant that would be a good fit for the guild please do not hesitate to contact us to fill out an application for a trial raiding position.

For questions, please message any of the following officers/recruiters :

Triadge: Triadge#1814 ( (Discord) - GM

Shavoni: Myirium#1405 ( / Myirium#0898 (Discord) – Recruitment

Nita: Ari#11137 ( / lenore#0002 (Discord) - Healing Officer

Hello Cows!

[Evening Shift] is recruiting for our raid groups!

Current Schedule Below

Weekday Raids:

Team Frenzy: 9/10H, 2/10M Castle Nathria
(9:00pm - 12:00am EST Tues/Weds)

Team Chaos: 9/10H, 2/10M Castle Nathria
(9:00pm - 12:00am EST Tues/Weds)

Weekend Raids:

Team Higgy: 5/10H Castle Nathria
(10:30pm - 1:30am EST Sat/Sun)

Off Night Raids:

Normal CN Thursday 9:00pm - 11:00pm EST
Normal CN Saturday 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST
Off Night Monday 09:00pm - 12:00pm EST


Thurs/Friday 11:00pm - 2:00am

Server: US-Thrall High Pop PVE

Faction: Horde

About Us: We’re a group of mostly previous CE raiders returning that have acquired multiple realm firsts back in ICC. At peak we had 8 25 man groups going at any given time. Everyone raids based on their performance. It prevents carries and slackers from dragging the progression down. No politics, no favorites, everyone understands how they can succeed. Our goal this tier is CE for all raid teams and pushing for realm first next tier.

Recruiting Needs:

Raid Lead: We are looking for another raid lead to set up another raid during the time slot of 9pm-12pm two nights a week. We have the people interested but no lead.

DPS - Ranged/Melee

Heals - Holy Pally

Minimum Reqs: 205 Ilvl, 10/10N

As always though looking for highly skilled players of any class feel free to drop an add at one of the following

Bnet: Destro#1898
Discord: Destro#9040

<< Demise >> US - Sargeras

Tuesday and Thursday

Demise is currently recruiting for Shadowlands! We are a top tier mythic guild on Sargeras that has been raiding together for several expansions now. Our core group of veteran players have Cutting Edge experience in previous tiers.

Our core raiders are expected to always be prepared:

  1. Have knowledge of boss encounters heading into first week’s pulls, etc.
  2. Be prepared with flasks, pots, and feasts at all times. (We often provide them anyways but good habit to have)
  3. Show up several minutes early to raid nights and be prepared to clear trash and start right on the dot.
  4. Be open to feedback and improving your performance when necessary (bad nights happen, we understand!)

We just want to give a very clear expectation of what we expect from our team and our wow friends in the guild. We’re raiders with a common goal. Kill bosses and have fun doing it :slight_smile:

Our current needs are:

Meele dps - Any spec for the right player!!

Ranged dps - Any spec for the right player!!

Healer - Disc Priest & Holy Pally!!

Open to skilled players on ALL other classes/specs.

Spots will be competitive and everyone has a fair chance to earn their raid spot.

If you are interested in our guild and would like more information or to join then contact us (info listed below).

I am always around and willing to talk and answer any and all questions.

Discord: blitz steve#3655
Bnet- Blitzsteve#1703
IGN- Galiyon

add me Thecoldbange#1998