Shammenx of Uther

I know there is a good chance this person will never see this, but I believe in the Wow community and can only hope that this gets passed onto the character.

Shammenx - first off lets get some ideas from others for your character names from here on out. Second, you should make sure that you do not let the tank die that voted to keep the individual that you decided to let die on a boss pull in the honor of your fallen warrior that was kicked from the group from falling off the edge of the dungeon and being ported to the entrance.

Shocker you were the next to get kicked from the group after standing for what you believe was so worth it. Before you were able to go you decided to call us all a derogatory term that I will not post here cause I can use my words to express my emotions peacefully.

Please just stick to grouping with people that you know so that the rest of us do not have to deal with the immaturity that you showed in the instance.

Horde or alliance? I can link them this. Also why mock his name? Yours is Revivall :stuck_out_tongue: we all have bad names. That’s the joy of fantasy!

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It is Horde.

My name is Revival for a majority of my characters. My name is not a addon to my class. That was my point.

I was able to finally reach them in game.

I understand why you are saying why I shouldn’t attack their name though.

I mean when you kick someone out of a TW dungeon, you’re bound to get backlash, cuz who the hell does that

Depends on what was done.