Shamans and our totems

Hmm, so it is confirmed we’re getting our Searing Totem and Healing Stream Totem back.

I’m actually kind of glad, I did miss that little ol’ fire totem that could.

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I’m just hoping a lot of totem utility returns to the dps specs. I want healing tide baseline.


They are making Tremor and Cap Totem baseline for all Shamans. Which is nice, Tremor Totem is the greatest one we have.

I joined a group that had 2 shamans in it recently. I was in shock for a moment tbh.

My guild got one shot in EP cause of tremor.

I would say I am hoping for Windfury Totem to return but with the current state of Windfury I think Grace of Air would have more value XD

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Let me tell you this right now : you won’t

You won’t be missing that totem when you laid down your totems but the tank decides to move the boss elsewhere because ‘mechanics’.

You won’t be missing that totem when they think totem twisting is great idea, and maybe even giving your totem LOS limitation just to spice things up, exercising your totem planting skills.

You won’t be missing that totem when you fight someone/something underwater and your totem spawn 10,000 feet at the bottom of the ocean.

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You must be fun at parties.

Which boss?

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Not gonna happen. Losing that wasn’t a Shaman nerf, it was a game-wide pruning of utility and healing from non-healing specs.

Blizzard didn’t like how much people relied on cooldown rotations from non-healers in raid content. Tranqs, HTTs, AG, VE, and so on. All of it is either gone or significantly weaker than before.

You know you can always recast it instantly while moving as well.

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Hopefully not searing totem, that’s something they could do without.


Anyone can have fun at parties, but someone need to remind the crowd that burning down the house is still bad, fun or not.

I’m just doing a friendly reminder that the complaints which i laid out wasn’t made up or nick picking - it was a common complaint from players back then.

It’s fine to just remember the good part - just remember that there were bad parts that people actively disliked.

And while this is a personal playstyle choice/preference, i don’t think many would like the repetitive act of replanting totems for every high mobility or stack-and-soak fights, even if the totems are instant cast.

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I did the warfronts and why can’t we have the snake totems! They awesome…

Also update all core race totems please.


Will they bring back windfury to its former glory?

Don’t think they mentioned Windfury, though that would be a pretty sweet Totem to get back.

Though I think the Vesper Totem you get from the Kyrian Covenant that increases our Haste.

Oh I’m not talking about just the totem from what I’ve seen windfury is a husk of what it used to be in general. I’d love for enhancement to get some much needed buffs

But then why do you want original windfury?

It was the biggest reason enhance was horrible.

Edit : Any buffs enhance needs isn’t related to single target damage.

I’d like to see it back because I had fun with it, as for buffs it wasn’t just windfury I was talking about it was more of a general that the spec could use some help in areas like AoE or self healing

I mean. I guess turning on auto attack and having your burst dps being completely RNG was fun for some people.

But it really held the class/spec back. Along with buff totems.

It removed all that “player agency” people ask for, and put your value/worth in RNG and others.

Don’t you basically pray for windfury procs and stormbringer procs?