Shaman tanks

i’m kinda wondering what are your experiences with them, don’t tell me to go warrior if i want to tank, my goal is not to tank in raids but i know that shamans can tank fine in 5 man dungeons


I would never invite a Shaman to tank when there’s 5000 warriors online.


i am asking for people who did dungeons with shamans, if i wanted to tank as a warrior, i would play a warrior but i play a shaman


Shamans can decently tank until mid 30s I would say. Just depends how good the group around them is after that.

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I’ve tanked, and healed shamans. They’re fine at low levels, but they fall farther behind in terms of survivability the further you go.

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I don’t know what grobbulus horde are doing for tanks. I swear half the horde population there are shaman.

Id suggest getting some friends to have fun with.

I doubt the pug side will want shaman “tanks”, and I know as a healer myself Id just avoid anyone and opt for proper tanks. I mean if my friend wants to try it id let them a few times cause pretty much anything can tank low nuff lvl stuff but I really dont need the stress as a healer.

That said Im pretty sure youd be able to find 4 other shaman to group with and have fun like that as the idea of shaman tanks is very popular even to this day and wow dropping the wall of no on it.

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i don’t see why people talk about damage taken or keeping aggro, shamans have access to earth shock wich at higher ranks is practically a ranged taunt, rockbitter increase the taunt you do, i have access to a shield wich increase defense, also you have talents to increase armor value, dodge parry, talents to increase block value and how much dmg you can block


First off, you’re right. Shaman, mathematically, have the single highest single target threat generation in the game even over a Druid using Manual Crowd Pummeler.

People talking about damage taken though because even taking all the “Tanking” talents from Enhancement and wearing a Shield, you’re still going to be VERY squishy by 40+ and you are 100% incapable of tanking 10 man content without you AND your group going to extreme lengths to make it happen.


first, i said it that my goal is not to be a raid tank, i want to tank 5 man dungeons

First: when you say “First” and then make a point, you’re generally supposed to follow it up with…

Second: You’ll be fine til and Through Mara, then you can’t tank anymore and your DPS will fall off rapidly.


I’ve had some really smooth runs with mage tanks that know how to kite, and with Hunter pets tanking as well.

Low levels it really doesn’t matter, and I have no problem healing a shammy tank.

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Shamans can tank all 5 mans just fine and even Blackrock Spire (10 man). Shaman tanks will always take more damage than any other tank class because they can’t wear plate or get a big bear armor modifier.

Shaman threat is just fine between rock biter and earth shock and stormstrike lightning shield, especially at lower levels. Shamans have the same issue that Paladins have for tanking (and this is the #1 reason you don’t see Paladin tanks in raids), the blue rage bar. You have a finite amount of threat you can pump out over the course of a fight because of this. In 5 mans though, this just means you’ll probably just be taking more mana breaks or drinking more mana pots than the healer which won’t be an issue for most groups if you handle everything else well.

You’ll also have to deal with the stigma that “shamans can’t tank” which will keep you from being invited to some groups. Nothing you can do to change that other than showing people you can actually do it, so they’ll invite you again next time.

Just remember that you will probably never really be able to tank raids as a shaman other than the occasional trash mob.

As a side note, you have one thing a warrior never will, a ranged pull that will give you a good bit of initial aoe aggro with chain lightning.


With the resources we have today combined with 15 yrs of game knowledge, I think you can do it.

Rextroy on yt is a prime example of trying to do the impossible and making it happen. He’s a prot pally but you could be like him except with sham.

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Shamans can tank 5mans alright. It helps with off-heals. If the group is prepped for it, shaman tanks can be a lot of fun. You tear through mobs.


Skilled shaman can tank just fine up through Sunken Temple. Always could.

After that it’s sketchy.


The problem with shaman tanking is that you’re disadvantaged in the fact that despite you have healing spells. Once you reach Lv40 and the damage gets up scaled to that of the mobs targeting you as if you were wearing plate so damage output goes up. You’re stuck with mail and don’t have the plate that warriors have, and you don’t have the armor and defense bonuses that druids get.


so i guess that i will have to try it out myself and see how it goes


Give it a shot! to each their own and if you can make it work then more power to you! but you wont have enough gear avaliable to avoid being Crushed or crited after level 50 Nor will you have the armor negation that the other tanks do; thats the only issue with shammy tanks; otherwise yes you can RIP aggro off tanks so you could hold it well if the group plays with classic rules (let you get 2-3 hits off first, Focus fire, CC, ETC.)

But theres also a stigma behind you guys tanking even worse than pally tanks; Pally tanks CAN work in Strat UD; A shammy tank couldnt for example

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i have a 28 shammy and when i lfg i just say shammy lfg

i am specced enhance but i relish the utility role

these classes are perfect for pugs as they can fill in anywhere in a pinch

if group is organized and somewhat competent it is easy enough to clear a dungeon with shaman “tank” but the rest of group will all have to pay more attention