Shaman T3 Helm Glowing Eyes Not Displaying Correctly


The shaman t3 helmet is not displaying the glowing eyes effect correctly in game unless viewed from a very low angle. They do display correctly on the load in screen. I have been told the t3 hunter eyes have the same problem but have not been able to confirm.

Is it possible to get these effects corrected as the warrior 2.5 tier shoulders were fixed?

Here is a reddit link I made with pictures available:


Please fix…it’s a much nastier issue than the warrior t2.5 shoulder’s was

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Yes I would love to see a response somehow on this

They probably missed it cause nobody plays with their helm showing

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Hunter helm has the same issue


Bumping this for attention

I sent an email to wowhead seeing if I can get them to do a story or something as well…

Anyone got ideas on getting this noticed

Please fix!!!

You should post this on the bug fix forum.

It’s intended, because you’ll be viewing the shaman from that angle after they chain lightning you to death.


I’m sure this will be fixed in a couple years

Wow Classic Shadowlands:

Fixed a graphic bug with Shaman Tier 3 helm, the glowing eyes should now be displayed correctly.


Bumping since they fixed the hunter eyes, can the shamans get fixed as well?