Shaman Class Fantasy and Transmog Restrictions

I can appreciate the fantasy blizz has pushed for a Shaman to wear a shield, and how many players probably enjoy that. But -

You can just google “Shaman” or “Shaman RPG” and you will never see anything with a shield. Historically, if holding anything, shamans have always had either some sort of staff, a drum and stick, or ritualistic weapon (usually a dagger) and some sort of idol in the other hand.

I have mained shaman for a few expansions now, and it has always bothered me how many of the already in game fantasies, old and new (troll witchdoctor/shadowhunters from WC3, or the new Kul Tiran tidesages for example) don’t feel right having a shield on their back, especially dwarves who basically get hidden behind their shield.

Could Devs please take in consideration lifting the transmog restrictions so resto and ele shamans can have a either a weapon + offhand or staff appearance without falling behind in PVP or solo content by dropping the armor gains from a shield?

I feel like it is such an easy win.

Sorry if it is a long text or if I am writing this in the wrong forum category. <3


Eh, I want my shaman to tank, so /shrug.

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I am currently wielding a staff. I like it, but I also like weaon and shield.

Definitely using staves on my shammy

I like WoW’s take on using the shield, but it’s not the Avatar I want my Shaman to be

Yeah, the shield works, it just seems very restrictive considering the shaman fantasy in general and even in game.

I have always wondered was the doom hammer a one-hander always from its first crafting or if it was always a two-hander that Blizzard is forcing to be a one-hander now. I only ask because I always thought it was a two-handed weapon that changed once Legion happened and Blizzard changed it.

As far as shields go I always thought that Resto Shamans were the shield shamans yet after creating yet another shaman that I am sticking with being elemental I was given a shield and a mace which is working for me right now. I think it is really more preference to the individual. Even looking at the D&D World of Warcraft book shields were always something that shamans were proficient with. So fantasy wise I think it was one of those things that Blizzard did to separate its shamans from all other shamans in the RPG realm.

I cant actually remember a singular time doomhammer was shown to be used 2H.

Looking around, in official artwork dated 2010 doomhammer looked very much like a 1H.

I think its unique. Carrying a ceremonial shield just feels cool. I mean, not to mention Ele is pretty damn tanky because of it.

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So? Personally i like the fact that it’s unique. Why constrain what “shaman fantasy” has to be?

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Wow shamans and typical RPG shamans are substantially different. I mean a typical RPG shaman might freak out if they ever saw a Enhancement shaman in wow. I think we just need to build around the established fantasy more with racial stuff. (More ghost wolves, more hexes(as really only trolls use “hex”), more feral spirits, elementals, etc)

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Shield slot is fine. The lack of caster themed shields sucks though. The only ones that really fit are the Legion artifact shields. We need more caster shield mogs.

that was why I asked to see if I was wrong or not. Thanks for clarifying for me.