Shady Sanctuary?

Returning player who’s a little lost.

I was intrigued by the Dragon Flying introduced in this expansion and I love it. I’m also surprised by it, since Ion has always been vehemently opposed to flying. But the novelty of that wore off quickly, so I’m looking for other things to do. I’m admittedly I’m a bit of an oddity, since my primary focus is pet collecting.

I’ve given up on the Bronze Racing Enthusiast pet, however. The Cliffside Circuit made me realize that I simply won’t be able to get it, so I’ve thrown in the towel on that. But there are other quested pets and pets to capture in the wild.

Although I’ve never had any interest in collecting mounts, I’ve decided to give that a try. But when I went for the Windbourne Velocidrake, the Quest “Shady Sanctuary” isn’t offered. Are there prequests involved to get this unlocked for me? I can’t find it on Wowhead.

In addition, I enjoy healing for BGs. I will not heal for dungeons for any reason. I enjoy professions. However, there’s a new development that says I need a Alchemist’s Table to do some of my potions. Any idea where those are?

All four Dragonriding mounts are obtained by playing through the main storyline of the four zones. You can’t get Shady Sanctuary until you play up to that point in the Ohn’ahran Plains story.

The table should be at your Alchemist trainer in The new main city. Just mouse over all the stuff until you find something you can interact with. That will open your Alchemist menus and you just craft stuff as usual from there.