Shadowy Apparitions - How to get them to occur more often?

I am a very casual player. I do not expect to be all powerful or anything close to it. I also rarely play my Shadow Priest. So I thought I’d give it a whirl with the new talent system the last few days after messing around with all my other characters. Anyways…

Shadowy Apparitions - How do I get them to go off more often? I know when I’m against a large group they trigger like crazy but when its more of a one on one/two I rarely see them at all. Is that simply normal? Perhaps I’m simply not casting the right spells when against low numbers? What is it that triggers them to go off more often?

I am not even sure they matter to my output. I just like seeing them float around while fighting.

they only show up from mind Sear, DP, and Mind blast iirc, and ever since they changed them to only make one even if you crit, they aren’t as visible as they used to

they used to double up on crit, which also doubled their insanity regen

This is mostly correct. They also spawn from Voidbolt if you happen to spec into Void Eruption/Voidform.

You can thank whatever whichever dev at Blizz decided to screw with one of the communities most beloved aspects of Shadow Priests, which seems to be a reoccurring theme recently.

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