Shadowlands was a bit better than DF

I liked Shadowlands, never let the groupthink/hive mind convince me otherwise. 6.5/10

I like DF too, 5.5/10.

The reasons are:

  1. Raiders and M+ers still had reasons to do things in the outdoor world in SL. Didn’t “raid-log” during SL as I do now.

  2. Endgame zones every patch in SL, even 9.0.

  3. More variety in aesthetic/mogs. (This one isn’t even close SL had lots of good, different appearances. DF? Great time to be a shaman.)

  4. Less monotonous leveling experience in SL—it truly is the exact same experience every time in DF.

  5. Higher obtainable power-levels in SL. Especially late in the game. This was one of the things about “borrowed power” … it didn’t just annoyingly exist… it was also power.

  6. Horde and Alliance existed.

Lots of good stuff in DF too. Talent trees are definitely a step in the right direction. UI overhaul was good too.

All in all DF - 5.5, SL - 6.5. DF’s score could rise based on the next patches but so far I believe any 1 patch from SL still outranks 10.0.


i played sl more than df i no lifed shadowlands when it released until i got bored and unsubbed. hardly play dragonflight since released.


DF doesn’t excite me enough to want to play for hours. I guess that is probably more healthy. Thanks Blizzard for reminding me I have a real life.


I like Shadowlands because it had meaningful and long campaigns that lasted. I didn’t grind barely at all until the end of SL. I just don’t like early grinds. Only being able to play 2-3 hours a day, and I still have nothing to do shows you there really is nothing to do.


Is this Hot Take Thursday?


Like, I hate to be “that guy” (not really), but if you think SL was better than DF you’re just wrong. Sorry lol




Agreed SLands wasn’t a great expansion by any means but I enjoyed it so much more than DF. And loved CN.


I respectfully disagree.


The real thing going on is this

The game is going downhill

Every expac makes the last one look better

It’s going to keep going downhill until we reach Diablo immortal levels of disrespect towards the customer

Blizzard hates it’s players and is having meetings every single day with only 2 goals:

  1. How can we get as much money out of these people as possible?

  2. How can we keep them playing our game as long as possible without having to work?


We had chores to do other than the triple pillars that a fair amount of players want to stick to.

Forbidden reach from looks alone beats out the Maw. Korthia was better than the maw.

I agree, mogs were great. Venthyr has black leather pants.

Both are monotonous. Railroading campaigns isn’t the way to go. Have the campaign, but let people get their sparks and stuff if they hit 70 without the campaign.

I’m good on that. Nothing but chores to make a baseline character.

I think they were pretty irrelevant in SL.


I never left Oribos or my covenant hall. Never. I didn’t do world quests, I didn’t do anything until Korthia dailies and ZM dailies. The maw dailies in 9.0 were horrific.

In Dragonflight I clear world quests bi-weekly, sometimes on multiple chars. I do it because the gold reward is pretty decent and I have no mission table to grind instead for a similar reward. Also, dragon riding is dope and getting around the world is actually fun instead of a slog.

We are literally getting a new zone in 10.0.7 AND 10.1 confirmed already whereas in SL we got Korthia and ZM TOTAL.

I’m not sure this is true either honestly. The covenant mogs were pretty iconic I’ll grant you that but there are a lot more just random mog items in DF. I get them everywhere, from rep rewards to dirt piles to crafted items. And a huge variety of stuff too from awesome swords to a literal cutting board I can wield as a mace. And that’s without even talking about the trading post which has already provided me a freaking flail and who knows what else over the next two years of DF.

I leveled over a dozen toons in SL. I did the campaign once, it was a huge slog. Adventure mode was cool, kind of, but honestly I just dungeon grinded because the adventure mode was also just a slog. Dungeon grinding got incredibly monotonous and boring. I quite literally had more fun leveling through quests and low level dungeons from 1-50 than I did in SL from 50-60.

Drangonflight so far on the 6 characters I’ve leveled (some from 60-70 and some from 1-70) has been super fun. The campaign is quick and fun, again due to dragon riding, and will get you to about 68 without doing any side quests, and there are a ton of options to go from 68-70. World quests, side quests, dungeons, freaking CRAFTING, PvP, etc.

This is just objectively untrue. Talent trees have brought us more power than ever in a much mor fun and accessible way. I think that’s pretty undeniable.

I somewhat get this one, but I personally always hated Horde vs Alliance. Some of my friends will only play Horde and some will only play Alliance and it’s been this way since Vanilla. Now I can play with EVERYONE and that’s pretty freakin cool. Also, as the MMO and WoWs population both naturally decline splitting the player base with factions makes less and less sense and is just not worth it.


Good to see like minded people voicing their enjoyment of SL it was way more solo friendly than DF too.


Shadowlands is as bad, if not worse, than WoD.

Dragonflight is almost as good as Legion… it’s just too early to tell.




Absolute garbage take.

Shadowlands was hands down the worst WoW experience of all time except for maybe the old selfie patch, from all angles and butchered almost everything, especially narratively.

Dragonflight is better in every possible way.

This thread is better off being deleted


Ooooffff… no way. DF as good as legion. I want what you’re smoking.


For me Legion was the worst, the raid design was terrible and I never liked the setting.

BFA was great, SL was fun too, but I also liked WOD a lot, while WOTLK not that much, except for the zones, these were lovely. But raiding was not my cup of tea, ICC was decent but the rest just a nuisance to do each week.

DF lacks innovation, we have no hearth of azeroth, no thorgast or anything special that makes it stand out. I understand it was developed during Covid, but not having anything new is weird.

They did this whole profession brainstorming and nothing came out of it. The best thing they did is the reagents bag, that says it all. We still lack a third slot at the vault, the reagent bank could need a second tab and be cross all chars too, so that I dont always need to log on my leather storage bank char, to get leather from there when my BS needs it.

You may now say “Dragonflying” but I find that annoying, it takes away the freedom in the game and doesnt add anything to my game, not as Quality of life, nor a huge thing that motivates me to play.

DF is a M+ game, if you do that content you are set, but if you dont, the game falls off pretty quickly.

Still happy for those that have fun, at least some folks are happy then. :slight_smile:


Aside from having lore characters the whole thing just felt like a different game’s story. Like, what was ZM?


Yes, Shadowlands is a bit better than Dragonflight. To me, every expansion since Legion has been worse than the last. I’ve really struggled to find anything I like about DF and I’m coming up empty handed. The final nail in the coffin is the lack of engaging solo content this expansion. They have lost my support.


Shadowlands had solo content the whole time with solo power progression paths. That was a nice option that is gone and replaced by throwing fish in water from your dragon riding mount for some rep .