Shadowlands: The 9.1.5 Content Update is Now Live!

I guess I can look forward to that being added to this list then :laughing:

That’s it for the DK and the Warlock changes?


Ah well, can’t wait.


Finally some news on 9.1.5, finally going to be able to do the thins I’ve been wanting to do with this paladin for ages now.

Needing to unlock 80 renown for covenant swapping is unacceptable. Full ripcord pull or that parachute aint deploying. I have zero interest in grinding for something we should have had day 1.


Some DK love would be nice. Lowest melee dps. Also pets are still bugged.

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Damn, PvP is still going to be dead. Sad times.


They’ll change this in 9.2. Final patches always fix Day 1 problems.


Thank god.

Dude its nice to see those changes but they are late, whoever quit already is gone, maybe some will be back, hopefully the rest enjoy those changes… my opinion I wont come back to do the stuff I wanted to do at start of expansion. but hope everyone else enjoys it.


After the initial 2-wk launch period, how long until Legion TW cycles back?

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80 renown is stupid easy to obtain with the catchup system, its better than not being able to swap honestly.

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Pvp scaling this is a positive move !

I feel a bit disappointed that void elves got only hair colors NGL. I was hoping that they would get more hairstyles, Alleria tattoos and more void options in general, before 9.1.5 launch. Now they are the legion allied race with less options by far.

Can we hope for more void stuff such as permanent entropic embrace, star freckles, starcursed hair effect, void markings and scars next patch?

Thank you for all your hard work!


It is just never enough for some people.


Why the cry ? Isn’t that what you want a challenging fight???

The Void Elves had not their official update yet, so relax.


Being destroyed by someone just because they outgear you isn’t challenging, it’s frustrating.

9.1.5 keeps that.


It said low level gear being up grade to match ??? I don’t get this,they give you this and you dislike it???

The Great Removal happens on Nov 2? yay.

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It isn’t brought up near far enough, the gap is still a huge problem. That’s the issue. This is a band-aid on a gash.

There are countless threads about this in the Arena and Battleground forums if you want something more in-depth.