Shadowlands: The 9.1.5 Content Update is Now Live!

Yep, next patch maybe. At least we have some hair colors and ear sizes, not so bad. I’m excited for new void options, i can’t wait to see if they will use the starcursed effect more. I love that effect xD


It’s a negligible change

Honor gear still requires 59 renown for max upgrade and it went from 229 ilvl to 233 ilvl. Yay huge 4 ilvl increase. Still not going to help against 259 gear

Matching would be removing ranks on gear, it should be one honor set and one conquest set. Thats what equal gearing is. This is an abomination of a system


I’m confused now,if the power level is upped in a encounter with another person with higher gear it’s unless?

Did they use ptr to find out this?

I’m pretty sure they will be the last AR updated in tandem with a possible Blood Elf update.

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Yes, the power level is still too low. I encourage you to make a new character and get a full honor set after 9.1.5 and jump into arenas and bgs to experience the difference between your full 233 honor set and a 250 ww/arms/bm hitting you

Its like the biggest thread on ptr


This was a lot sooner than I was expecting. Good stuff. I probably won’t be around since my sub runs out soon but it’s nice to see it coming. :stuck_out_tongue: Side note, what happened to Legion raid scaling for farming transmogs?

Edit: It’s in the full patch notes. Oops. lol

Im so happy my nightborne skin is glowing :partying_face:


I just reviewed it ,it doesn’t have anything on the up grade but a strong dislike for multiple gear sets which is understandable . I don’t like that type of gearing ,oh /// no.

This is really what they miss as new basic customizations, hairstyles, jewelry, beards, Alleria tattoo… :sob:

They also need more Void customizations. :+1:

maybe in the next patch 9.2 or 9.2.5 … :pray: :crossed_fingers:


You’re acting like the upgrade is equalizing gear discrepancies

Its not

Lower skilled casuals, casuals who don’t do rated and alts are still unable to have an enjoyable pvp experience. Multiple ranks on gear is what enables that discrepancy


Oh great more blocks and gates set ups it’s no wonder people are leaving.


So no Heritage Armor Set for the core Races? When will we get them?

It is so easy to catch up renown, used to be slow but not anymore. All of my alts are as caught up to where they should be, and will be able to blow through the Korthia questline after they can bypass the rest of the covenant storylines.

My main is already at 80 Renown.

I was hoping it would be an equalizer but now it saddens me .


This is the best example why all the QOL stuff is 100% just to try and appease the player base (that remains at this point), and fundamentally they just don’t get it still. You need like 3-4 real players to sit down with who is in charge and SHAKE THEM, HELLO!

You can’t continue to lean on the players relationships with each other to keep them engaged at this point. Its the only thing keeping it together, and its weaning. Far too long Blizz has leveraged this to their advantage as an excuse to put in far less work then the player base truly deserves.


They will surely share new natural skin/hair colors or tattoos.

Incredible! Thank you :pray:

It feels like I’ve chosen a good time to start playing this game :joy:

Shadowlands: The 9.1.5 Content Update Arrives November 2!

content? what content


Did any of the expansions have a pandemic on their hands? Nope. Did any of those expansions during the pandemic have major law suits against them? Nope.

Funny how people think things like this don’t matter and that the patches/content should still be flowing fast. It just blows my mind how people think and seem to just be clueless with what is going on in the world and how hard it is to pump out content working from home when video games you rely on people in the office for so many reasons. Not having that for a year easily slows down progress. People need to get over it.