Shadowlands Season 4

WoD and Legion were such great models for skips. Really wish we could obtain that again.

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Yeah there’s a reward for doing every difficulty right now. Mount on Normal. Title on Heroic. Raid teleports on Mythic. I am presuming Mythic Fated will give every difficulty’s achievements just like normal seasons so that I would only have to do Mythic for them. I hope for the same for gearing. As a mythic raider, going into LFR and Normal is a little boring. I don’t mind other players getting a chance to keep items as they go along, but incentivizing running all 4 difficulties each week is a little much at the top-end.

They had me at slime cat everything else is kinda meh

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Just noticed that the trinkets for season 4 seem to be missing the set bonus

is this intentional? cause if it is this is a huge step backwards for separating PvP and PvE


Seems that the PvP enchant for this season was changed pretty drastically from a universally liked thing to a pretty unnoticeable glimmer that everyone seems to dislike. Anyway we could go back to the old enchant or at the very least give us a slider to up that spell visibility for some customization?


The new version is definitely way too subtle for what is supposed to be a prestige reward. They nailed it with pre-nerf glorious/demonic tyranny, big, really vivid colors and instantly recognizable as a PvP reward. Most of the illusions since demonic tyranny have been terrible though and miss the mark for what I’d expect from a PvP illusion.

Also can we unnerf glorious tyranny? It’s 2022 now, and you’ve added zones like Ardenweald that absolutely crush lower-end machines without a problem. Are the added particle effects from the pre-nerf version really that detrimental at this point? Especially when it’s only become less common to see it in the first place?


seems kind of insane to worry about crashing peoples computers on an enchant when we are killing peoples vision with Empyrean Domain and nerfing Field of View settings so people cant see too much

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Did “A New Deal” seriously get removed with no backup or update added? seems like a huge step back for people wanting to do some quick honor farm on alts to get trinkets for the set bonus. The set bonus for PvP trinkets also seems to be missing for trinkets coming out next season. IS this intentional? seems like Blizzard is really killing all the good things added this expansion just to increase the grind after coming up with some really good things


I definitely feel with how close we are to season 4, maybe we could get a bit more information. If there could be a Q&A or just more details given.

An official philosophy of the difficulty or expectations of the raid.

Will Great Vault bosses be loot locked again until we defeat them?

Will there be another conduit ilvl upgrade achievement/item? So M+ players/PvPers don’t need to farm the raid on mythic to get max ilvl conduits.

Are there any plans for additional rewards from completing the season? Cosmetic, etc.

An official description of the affixes and an idea of how they’ll work(Ie. Spawn only at start, throughout, etc), will they work differently on certain bosses(Sludgefist with the soak affix as an example).