Shadowlands Season 4

I would be pretty down for that with random world bosses from other expansions throw into a tol barad type instance


Would even make sense since they kinda die in Azeroth/Draenor/Outland and might end up in SL.

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This big outline of Season 4 things speaks to some of what’s been discussed here.

Thank you for keeping the discussion going.


As someone who just saved an alt with a Vigilante Guardian kill lockout just so my raid never has to do it again; I’m really excited to see how Blizzard’s proposal with the new gearing system works out. It sounds like a nice quality of life change!

Glad to have it confirmed that world bosses are part of the fated rotation too. Now I’m just hoping to hear more about other world content :>

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I notice that Sylvanas’s Bow is not offered on the vendor.

Will the bow not make a return in season 4? If it is, wouldn’t excluding it from the vendor defeat the entire purpose of the vendor (based on your explanation for why the vendor is being added), as their BiS would still be an incredibly low drop rate legendary, and if there’s one thing we learned in Sanctum, you guys balanced hunters around having the bow, so people without the bow were significantly behind.

If the bow ISN’T returning in Season 4 - which I wouldn’t mind - are you guys going to add a non-legendary bow to Sylvanas so the overall weapon sources doesn’t reduce?

Same. I was genuinely worried. Lol.

Still hoping they have something in store for World Content.


Good changes coming with 9.2.5 regarding class tuning.

Check out balance druid AoE & shadow priest AoE tuning since they’re not doing well at all in that regard.

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Idea for Season 4:

Make creation catalyst let you reroll stats of your choice with missives to create BiS gear aswell as adding tertiary stats a select amount of pieces to not make it too crazy. Like adding it tertiary stats on those pieces which currently can be socketed or something like that.

I thought to this topic since there’s a lot of talk of Season 4 coming sooner than assumed.

While this post Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4 gave us a lot of insight into the thought process of the season and how the gearing process will work, we haven’t heard much else. As someone in a guild that will be playing(Albeit not taking it “competitive”), a lot of us have questions for for the new fated raid.

How much preparation is needed? How much impact are the affixes intended to have? What’s a good difficulty level? Should we expect the bosses to feel like farm when we last did them as a Horde HoF guild? My question would be, with more time, has the philosophy for the difficulty and expectations for the raid been ironed out and can that be shared, with the season coming closer and closer?

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I really hope they don’t make it difficult, already been a long daunting tier for alot of guilds

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A request for Season 4. Could you allow us to switch covenants without going back to Oribos?

I’m currently gearing up a priest. I’d like to be doing Zereth Mortis stuff in Shadow spec as Necrolord, while queued in LFR with both dps and healer roles checked. If I get into an LFR as a healer, I want to run as Kyrian Holy, but there is not enough time for me to return to Oribos, switch covenants, and then use BTWloadouts to swap my spec, gear, etc.

I end up having to heal LFR as Necrolord Holy, which doesn’t allow me to practice the covenant I’ll actually be using for Holy once geared.


Season 4 as is right now, feels really rushed and a good recipe to have another low participation Season (PvE wise) together with Season 3.

When we take a look back at pain points this expansion, only one is partially addressed with this new season, but new ones are introduced:

  • Loot determinism (Resolved Partially by vendor, but requires 3, 5 & 6 weeks of paricipation).
  • Legendaries are going to upgrade again which requires once again more gold shilling from players.
  • Raids rotating which means perpetual progress from already burnt out raiders.
  • Fairly minimal rewards for participating (on Mythic) where it’s a portal to raids you’re pretty much never going to want to go back to.
  • No gap between raid tiers. There are many guilds still progressing and they’re going to go into back-to-back progression. This is why Uu’nat had low participation, not because the encounters were not good (they were) but it was back-to-back progress.

The way it currently stands, I do not want to feel incentivized to run LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic fated each week just to hedge against bad drop chances since the upgrade tokens on mythic kills just need an item to drop at all instead of only on mythic. There are a few more than 3 items I’d want at the new ilvl between the raids, and some that weren’t on the vendor. With the upgrade tokens, I’m going to have to run all 4 difficulties each week just for that chance at any Veinripper or Zovastrum or Dreadfire Vessel or Jotungeirr to ensure I have one to upgrade when I hit my 20 mythic boss kills upgrade token. The Dinars help in this aspect but do not solve it.

I also hope the regular non-fated difficulty will continue to be available on Fated weeks for the purposes of Jailer and Sylvanas mount farming and sales.


Honestly an amazing addition they can do is just increase the # of pieces dropped for season 4. Even with the minor additions no one wants to spend as long as a normal season gearing. Increase loot from m+ and increase loot from raid. If it’s supposed to be fun just shower players in loot, let people who are clearing the raid actually feel rewarded. Cause tbh as you stated the portals ain’t anything.


Going to go ahead and agree with all of the above. Didnt realise until yesterday how unmotivating and weird it is to have the gear go up as a normal tier again. There is so many reasons the participation in this season will be super low. Won’t help to make the gear we have useless.

It’s summer, holidays and all that good stuff. We don’t wanna clear normal and heroic in tiers we’ve already done 20x reclears of in Mythic.


Personally I’m skipping Season 4, levelling the rest of the allied races I still need and finishing Loremaster. There is nothing at all compelling about Season 4 to me, or anything in Shadowlands for that matter.

It seems obvious to me that the current game has been abandoned (despite plenty of opportunities to improve it and make it fun to play) and all resources are full steam on Dragonflight. Too bad that’s six months away.


I fear that getting the “good” loot from later bosses in each raid will be a pain. Unless they will be relatively easy to reach and kill, we’ll not have the time to keep locks and clear later bosses. Yes we’ll get deterministic rewards, but it’s still meh if we have to wait for that.

I wonder if after a full rotation of the raid we could activate the skips to get to the later bosses easier


I am assuming tier sets are still going to be activated during season 4, and I am hoping we can still use creation catalyst on fated mythic gear (even if not from Seplucher)

To note, there is a mount reward for finishing all 3 raids while they are fated. So there’s incentive to at least do them once. The model is encrypted - which is why you haven’t seen it. All we know is it’s the Slime Cat mount.

For me, I still want a blue confirmation - will Sylvanas’s Rae’shalare be able to drop at a Fated ilvl? And if so, why is it not available on the weapon/trinket vendor for hunters?

If it isn’t available at the Fated ilvl, it’s fine not being on the table, but if it DOES drop at the fated levels - we need it on the vendor or you’re excluding 2 entire specs from the bad luck protection mechanic that is the vendors.

EDIT: I have been alrlerted the devs confirmed on Twitter that it will be fated. In which case you NEED to add it to the vendor. The entire point of the vendor is bad luck protection, which does nothing for hunters if our Bis weapon is not included unlike every other class.

Either that, or do not have it drop with a fated ilvl.