Shadowlands Raid Progression Comparative Analysis

I’ve been putting together this sheet every tier just out of interest using (shoutout to this site, it’s a really great tool for reviewing your progression as compared to all other guilds logging their prog) to compare mythic progression routes among the top 8 guilds on the server (top 8 for each tier, may change per tier). However, I figured it might be interesting to others as well. Let me know if anyone finds this useful or sees any issues/errors with it. I can always add additional guilds if people want to see their progression compared to the other guilds on the server.

For background, I’m the GM of Gluten Intolerance and wanted to get some data on other guilds’ progression on the server in an attempt to normalize some of the variables when comparing prog between guilds (different hours, different times entering mythic or taking breaks, etc.) and make sure that we are meeting our own goals for efficiency. As a 6-hour per week guild, we have to be raiding efficiently in order to consistently get Cutting Edge.